I’m a Certified Posture Specialist and self proclaimed Posture Geek! I am also a published author of a best selling book on Pilates and posture. But honestly, the accomplishment that I am most proud of, is that I am a back pain survivor.

It all began when I was sitting at my desk job chronically tired, overweight, and with numbing back pain at the age of 25. I needed a kick in the butt so when I heard a radio advertisement for a marathon training program, I immediately signed up. Having never run more than two miles in my life, my friends and family thought I was insane. Luckily I proved them wrong as six months later I had trained and completed my first marathon and should have felt GREAT, but the impact from the running created even more back pain.

The marathon inspired me to change my career to be a Personal Trainer, but my back pain threatened my new career. I would stand for hours training clients at my first Personal Training gig, and cringe from the soreness in my back. I wondered, how am I going to train others to be healthy if I can’t even stand for more than an hour at a time?

Over time and through my myriad of certifications, I leaned about the bio mechanics of the body and how it all work together as a kinetic chain. For example I learned that by stretching my hip flexors, I could get my pelvis into a better position to truly strengthen my core. I started experimenting with clients and became obsessed. My clients loved it, as some of them would come in to a session with inexplicable knee pain, and leave feeling stretched, strengthened and pain free.

In my years in the fitness industry I have owned a women’s health club in Newport Beach, California (The Athletic Club for Women), served at the Pilates Director for the nationally known yoga studio YogaWorks, and started by own posture based studio called Vertical Pilates. Through all these amazing management gigs, I have always stayed connected to the work with my clients and have slowly built up a tried and true methodology that has time and time again helped clients reduce pain and feel better.

I am certified as a Personal Trainer through NASM, certified as a Pilates Instructor through BASI (Body Arts and Sciences International) certified on the CoreAlign machine through Balanced Body, and certified as a Posture Specialist through NPI (National Posture Institute) and the Egoscue Institute. What does that all mean? I know a lot about the body and I’ve spent years in my career educating myself as much and as often as possible.

More recently I have become the “go to” fitness posture specialist for a few celebrities, who you may recognize if you’re into Bollywood films (Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt). My published book Sculpt and Shape: The Pilates Way soared to the top 5 self help books on Amazon.in. Am I the trainer that will help you lose 50 lbs? Sure, I can do that. But instead come to me to learn how to move correctly and stand better so that you can run that next race pain free, and THEN you can continue to work on losing 50 lbs.

Am I a perfect specimen of great posture? Sometimes! Not always. Check out what happens to me when I sit for hours on end and don’t do my posture routine. Do you see how my upper body is slightly rotated to my left, and my left arm falls forward and internally rotates? Do you see my pokey left rib? I work hard myself to combat my pain from my own alignment issues, and I understand the frustrations of chronic pain.

Now after 15 years of certifications and education and experimentation, I bring my body revolutionizing techniques to VerticAlign Posture Coaching. My goal is to empower you to learn about your body and have the tools you need to control how you move and feel.

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VerticAlign Client

I have been a client of Zeena’s for over 6 years. I have struggled with severe back pain, surgeries and two broken wrists. Zeena has expertly guided me through it all. She has taken me from pain , to functioning , to thriving every time. She is professional and beyond knowledgeable. I cannot recommend her more highly.

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