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VerticAlign’s private coaching

If you’re like many of VerticAlign’s private coaching clients, the search for a solution to your pain and posture problems has been a journey.

You’ve done yoga, pilates, and stretched it out to countless YouTube videos. You slid down the search rabbit hole that led to chiropractors, physical therapists, wearable posture trainers, and ergo everything. None solved the puzzle behind your back, neck, shoulder, or hip pain.

You’re tired of one-size-fits all solutions. And you refuse to believe medication or surgery is the only answer. You’re feeling stressed, hopeless, and worst of all, alone. But you don’t have to be.

Your search ends here

Exercise and therapy program

What if you could let go of the stress and time-drain of trying to figure it out on your own?

Imagine if an expert could study your posture to pinpoint the exact muscle weaknesses and alignment issues that are causing your pain. And what if that person could give you an exercise and therapy program designed just for you?

You can get that level of personalized attention with VerticAlign’s 1-on-1 Posture Alignment Therapy.

Meet your coach

I’m Zeena Dhalla, founder of VerticAlign Posture Coaching. Together we’ll find and combat the source of your pain.

I specialize in posture alignment therapy using the Egoscue Method, which combines gentle and effective stretches to activate the muscles and realign the spine. No complicated equipment. We’ll use walls, floors, and gravity to encourage your body to find its alignment naturally.

Everyone has a unique relationship with movement and exercise. When you work with me, I’ll create a plan tailored to your personality and lifestyle. I’ll be there to motivate you, so you can build the momentum you need to get your posture in shape and your pain in check.

Zeena Dhalla

How it works

With each 1-on-1 Posture Alignment Therapy session you’ll get:

  • 1-hour session with posture coach Zeena Dhalla to focus on your unique pain and posture needs. Meet virtually or in person at VerticAlign’s studio in Ladera Ranch, California.
  • A posture and movement assessment.
  • A custom exercise menu:
    • Zeena will demonstrate each exercise. When it’s your turn, she’ll coach you on your form and make sure each one is right for you.
    • You’ll get an email with your menu of exercises, including the exact order to do them.
    • You’ll also have online access to demos of each exercise.
  • Unlimited text and email support for 2 weeks after your session.

Virtual sessions are scheduled Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., and alternating Saturday mornings. In-person sessions take place at VerticAlign’s studio in Ladera Ranch, California.

Multiple sessions are recommended for optimum results. If you’re just beginning posture alignment therapy, weekly sessions are best. As your pain and posture begin to improve, you can schedule sessions less frequently.

Ready to get aligned and pain free?

Introductory Session

Introductory Session

For new clients only.
Save $40
  • 1 private posture alignment therapy session (1 hour) and personalized exercise menu

$150 $110 (Save $40)

Single Session

Single Session

  • 1 private posture alignment therapy session (1 hour) and personalized exercise menu


5-session Package

5-session Package

Best value. Save $100
  • 5 private posture alignment therapy sessions (1 hour each ) and personalized exercise menu

$750 $650

Success Stories

Frequently Asked Questions

It can help with many alignment issues including posterior pelvic tilt, anterior pelvic tilt (lordosis), spinal rotation, sway back, rounded or hunched back (kyphosis), or slumped shoulders. It can also help with hip or knee pain caused by imbalances or disparities in the hips, knees, or feet. If you have questions about whether this service is right for you, feel free to send me a message.

You’ll need a laptop, smartphone, or tablet that can run the Zoom app. You’ll likely need to move your device so your form can be seen from different angles, so desktop computers aren’t recommended.

You’ll also need a digital camera so you can send me photos of yourself before each session. I’ll use the photos to help with my posture assessment and they’re a great way for us to track your progress. (For your photos, please wear workout clothes that allow me to see the alignment of your back and knees. Avoid baggy clothing.)

You’ll need a solid chair that’s sturdy enough for you to lean against or rest a leg on – no office chairs that swivel.

We’ll determine what else you’ll need after your first session. I often recommend exercises that work best with yoga blocks, yoga straps, or slant boards. But my clients and I often improvise when they don’t have the tools on hand. We’ve used binders, boxes, towels, and step stools.

Please wear form-fitting workout clothes that you can stretch in, such as leggings or shorts. I’ll also need to be able to see the movement of your back and knees during your training so I can assess your form and posture. Avoid baggy or restrictive clothing like jeans.

The exercises don’t require a lot of space, but in general:

• You’ll need enough floor space so you can lie on the floor and fully extend your legs and stretch your arms to the side or over your head.

• You’ll also need a wall that you can lean against with enough room to spread your feet wide and extend your arms to the side or over your head.

You’ll have unlimited access to me via text or email for 2 weeks after each session.

You’ll have online access to your full menu, including video demonstrations. You can also email or text photos or videos of yourself for my review. I’ll reply with tips or feedback.

Every client is different. That’s why taking photos before each session is so important. Comparing photos helps us track your progress and results. However, I can say some clients have seen or felt improvement after a single session.

The 3-Week Desk Pain Solution: This digital program helps people with pain related to desk or office work. Each day’s exercises can be completed in as little as 10 minutes while sitting or standing at your workstation. No equipment needed. It’s very effective for general posture problems

The Virtual Posture Workshop: This is a 1-hour workshop for businesses who want their teams to learn about posture and ways to prevent alignment issues that stem from office work. It includes a live postural assessment and 20-minutes of exercise.

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