Is your achy body tired of getting out of bed every morning with back pain and stiffness?

This stiffness may come and go, but the fear of "throwing" out your back is affecting how you live your life.  

Maybe you're not playing the sports you want to play, or picking up your children the way you desire.

Perhaps you look in the mirror and feel unhappy with the shape of your body.

Even more disastrous is that the constant numbing pain is taking a number on your concentration and daily productivity.

But, it’s not your fault.

Bad posture is caused by weak and tight muscles. All of which you can fix, a lot faster and easier than you think.

So if you’ve ever thought: Am I always going to be in this much pain? Here is the solution:​

A results-driven posture coaching plan for busy people, that will fix your hunched over posture once and for all. 

​​Remember the days when you could jump and run and beat your friends in dodgeball, without all those aches and pains? Then your day job took over and the hours of sitting, slouched over your computer has made you feeling old, and decrepit.

Sitting all day long can be downright painful. I should know. It happened to me.​

Years of desk work had messed with my alignment, and I had back pain.  The pain was so bad, that I could barely stand for more than 2 hours at a time.  

​I decided I needed a lifestyle change, so I became a personal trainer and wanted to help people get stronger.  But, I had a HUGE dilemma.  My pain made it difficult for me to stand and perform my new job.

I would sneak back to the area of the gym where no one could see me, bend over, roll my neck, and do just about ANYTHING to relieve the pain.  It didn't help.  It would go away for a few hours, but eventually come back after another 2 hours of standing. 

What was I going to do?

My new career in the fitness industry depended on my ability to move, sit, stand, walk, lift and demonstrate exercises comfortably and effortlessly.  The back pain was preventing me from being able to do all these things.  I knew my poor posture from years of sitting in my previous career, was influencing my ability to thrive in my new career. 

It was debilitating.  I was angry. 

So, I decided to educate myself on posture, alignment and pain.

I became a Certified Posture Specialist

The information out there on "how to fix your pain" can be overwhelming. What exercises should I do?  How often?  How many repetitions? How long should I hold it? There was no solid plan to overcome the hours of sitting and working at the computer, all day long. 

I spent countless days, weeks an years compiling the best information on posture, alignment and body mechanics. I've helped many clients overcome the pain they feel from sitting, all day long. ​

Perhaps you might suddenly be able to play your favorite sport again!

You could work for hours at your desk, and know exactly what to do at the end of your day to move freely and pain free.  

Imagine looking in the mirror at their posture and not longer cringing at what you see!

Wouldn't it be nice to lift those laundry baskets without fear of throwing out your back?

Check out Frank's Results:

I have been experiencing chronic neck and back pain for several years now. I remember it first starting with a kink in my neck that never seemed to go away. I ended up going to the doctor who in turn ended up sending me for physical therapy. That, along with some visits to a chiropractor seemed to help for a little while. From time to time it would flare up again.

I found a few exercises on YouTube that were recommended to correct forward head posture. I did some of those. I'm sure they were good. It was around this time I came across the VerticAlign website. Posture Coach Zeena seemed to have a solid plan of attack. A variety of exercises that would help improve my entire body alignment, not just one area. Sounded good to me, so I purchased the course.

Did it work? You bet it did. Just take a look at my pictures after only one month. I look taller and leaner, although my weight hadn't changed. Did it help with my pain? I have not have any issues with neck pain since."



The Slouch Solution:

A 4-Week Program to Eliminate Your Pain and Command your Posture

  • No need to spend countless hours searching the internet for videos and wondering if you're doing it right. The Slouch Solution is a targeted coaching program where you will be assigned home based workouts 6 days a week, that you can do in the comfort of your own home.
  • You will be coached directly by Zeena Dhalla, internationally renowned Pilates instructor, published author, and certified posture specialist. 
  • The only equipment you need is a foam roller, a stability ball, and a tennis ball. Your coach will guide you on what to purchase if you don't have these items.
  • ​Each workout lasts 20 to 25 minutes, so you can fit it into your busy schedule. Your coach will be with you to view your exercises and stretches if you need feedback, and nudge you if you miss a day.
  • This program works specifically on targeting "hunchback posture" (technical term: kyphosis) and the resulting pain in the neck and back region. The body is a kinetic chain and every muscle is interconnected. Therefore the workouts will target the following important posture correction protocols:
  • Stretches for common upper body misalignments
  • Exercises to strengthen the upper body to hold better posture
  • Core strength protocols to ensure deep strength in the spine and back
  • Lower body strengthening to counteract sitting all day long
  • Breathing tactics to increase energy and endurance

Save Time

Home based 20 minute workouts are delivered to your email inbox, 6 days a week. Know EXACTLY what to do and how to do it. 

Be Accountable

Upload videos performing each exercise (if you want) so you know exactly if you're doing it right or wrong.  Get a nudge from your coach if you skip a workout. 

Feel Relief

Feel relief from day one with therapeutic stretches and simple exercises. Build strength and endurance over the 4 week period.

Get Results

Feel more flexible, less pain, more strength, better endurance and an increase in energy, or your money back.