What is causing your neck and back pain? It’s not your chair,
it’s not your desk, it’s not your phone…
I know what this feels like.
I’ve experienced it myself

Shortly after running my first (and only) marathon, my lower back pain got so intense from years of sitting. I didn’t effectively stretch and strengthen the proper muscles before, during, and after all that running. The pain was debilitating, and not to mention, demoralizing. I had a desk job at the time and I could barely get out of my seat.


Taking the time to head to a Yoga class is challenging.

Sticking with a regular daily program… can feel impossible!

VerticAlign Client

It’s been 6 months since I started this program and I certainly feel better! The desk based posture exercises help me get rid of the pain and stiffness I feel all day long at a desk.

Wouldn’t you do better with a structured daily plan telling you exactly what to do?
Is your current pain decreasing your productivity, therefore wasting time and money?
Then look no further…

The 10 Minute Daily Desk Pain Solution

A Coaching Program to Eradicate Pain From Immobility
What's Included:
Every business day, Monday through Friday, you will receive an email with 5 to 7 exercises that can be performed at your workstation. The email will include detailed videos with audio and written instructions.
Exercises will be geared towards stretching chronically tight muscles, mobilizing the joints, and engaging underutilized muscles.
Coach Zeena is available to you for questions on the exercises. You can also upload a picture or video to the VerticAlign software (TrueCoach) to have Coach Zeena check your form!
Accountability: You will receive a notice if you’ve missed your routine or receive a cheer when you complete your deskercises daily.
Each routine will take 7 to 10 minutes to perform. Every exercise can be performed sitting, standing, or kneeling at your workstation.
Every Monday, the desk routine will change with new exercises introduced each week.
VerticAlign Client

Having the online program has kept me motivated to exercise daily. I especially like being able to refer back to the online videos and see demonstrations of the correct movements.

Join this monthly membership program NOW
before the price goes up!

The 10 Minute Daily Desk Pain Solution
Membership Program:
$19 USD/month
*Month to month membership
VerticAlign Client

I’ve been using the VerticAlign Desk Posture Coaching Program for about 2 months now and all I can say is WOW. I consider this a game changer for me because I rarely have back pain or discomfort anymore.

The 10 Minute Daily Desk Pain Solution

A Coaching Program to Eradicate Pain From Immobility
Sample Program Videos


Coach Zeena will cheer you on when you do your deskercises and email you when you don’t. You will be accountable to your daily routine.


The exercises are designed to be done at your work station and to be the most effective possible exercises you can do in a short amount of time.


Experience more energy, reduce your pain, and decrease your desk fatigue in less than 10 minutes a day. Soon your productivity will be flying through the roof!

The 10 Minute Daily Desk Pain Solution

all for the low monthly price of

$19 USD a month

(less than $.65 a day!)

It is estimated that 15% to 20% of Americans will have back pain within a year and 50% to 80% will experience back pain at least once in their life.

Don’t let this be YOU

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