Meet Pam!

Pam recently completed the VerticAlign 4 week coaching program called the Slouch Solution: A 4 week Program to Eliminate Pain and Command Your Posture. Here is what Pam had to say:

“Sitting at a desk all day, most days, for 20+ years has wreaked havoc on my body. In PT for some back pain, it was discovered that I didn’t have any pre-activation or activation my core muscles. My obliques and erectors were doing all the work of keeping me upright and my shoulders and neck were keeping me balanced. Not a good mix for someone who doesn’t want to be hunched over in their old age.

I didn’t really think anything was going to change with MORE exercise, but VerticAlign Posture Coaching with Zeena Dhalla came highly recommended by my friend who had seen results herself. I wasn’t interested in a sweaty, tie myself up in knots kind of workout and was pleasantly surprised by how deeply the first few lessons affected my body – and it was mostly stretching. Four weeks later brought more intense movement – some I could do, some I couldn’t. When I had issues, Zeena answered all my questions and helped me make adjustments.

The videos were a great help. I used them even with exercises that I had already done so that I could work on perfecting my technique in order to get the greatest benefit.

All in all, this was a terrific program. I can see a HUGE change in my body. And I can feel my core now.”

Meet Frank!

Frank has never seen a VerticAlign coach in person  Frank also did our flagship program The Slouch Solution: A 4 Week Program to Eliminate Your Pain and Command Your Posture. Here are Frank’s results and what he had to say:

“I have been experiencing chronic neck and back pain for several years now. I remember it first starting with a kink in my neck that never seemed to go away. I ended up going to the doctor who in turn ended up sending me for physical therapy. That, along with some visits to a chiropractor seemed to help for a little while. From time to time it would flare up a​​​​gain.I found a few exercises on YouTube that were recommended to correct forward head posture. I did some of those. I’m sure they were good. It was around this time I came across the VerticAlign website. Posture Coach Zeena seemed to have a solid plan of attack. A variety of exercises that would help improve my entire body alignment, not just one area. Sounded good to me, so I purchased the course.Did it work? You bet it did. Just take a look at my pictures after only one month. I look taller and leaner, although my weight hadn’t changed. Did it help with my pain? I have not have any issues with neck pain since.”

Meet Kathy!

Kathy has had an extreme case of scoliosis ever since she was a child. As a teenager she had a metal rod surgically inserted into her thoracic spine region, but as a result the scoliosis in her lumbar region continued to get worse. She came to VerticAlign with hip pain, back pain, knee pain and the functional inability to get off the floor. Here is what she has to say:

“VerticAlign founder Zeena Dhalla has gone above and beyond in her efforts to design a program specifically suited to my needs. When I first started my program I could barely get off the floor after exercising, I was having hip and leg pain and was very weak in my core. My posture was definitely in need of work.

Having the online program has kept me motivated to exercise daily. I especially like being able to refer back  to the online videos and see Zeena demonstrate the  correct movements.

Today my core strength has increased and my scoliosis hip and leg pain has significantly decreased. I look forward to doing my daily program knowing how much better it makes me feel.”

Meet Kelly!

Kelly is a successful business owner but with her thriving business, she works long hours at her desk. She had intense neck pain that would often debilitate her, interrupt her sleep and slow her down in staying active. She tried massage and chiropractic care, but would get only limited short term results.

She completed 2 rounds (16 weeks) of the 8 week custom coaching program, and not only did her pain decrease considerably, she learned a lot about her body and was able to progress her workouts and see some incredible visual results as well.

She didn’t lose much on the scale, but her improved posture made her look more tone and lean.

Meet Sabrina!

Sabrina is an active 40 year old woman who suddenly one morning suffered from some acute back pain.  She completed the 8 week custom coaching program and had incredible results with pain reduction.  Here is what she has to say:

“I woke up in August 2017 with a painful back and it took me about 4 days before I had mobility. That freaked me out because I am a regular gym-goer and pride myself on being 40 but feeling 30! Zeena reached out during this time to check on me and said to come in for a consult. She found I had weak glutes and showed me exercises to strengthen them. Zeena’s been my coach for 2 months. I haven’t had pain in my lower back since October! And I’ve increased the intensity of my workouts without any back issues” 

Meet Mary!

Mary Matura had hip pain for months.  She tried a Chiropractor with limited results.  She did Pilates, which helped her feel stronger, but she still experienced pain.  It wasn’t until she committed to a VerticAlign  custom posture routine that she felt astounding results in just a few short weeks. Watch her story below…

Meet Jill!

Jill Wolf was frustrated she could never work out with her husband due to back and knee pain. She came to VerticAlign not quite convinced it would help.  Take a look and see her results from her VerticAlign custom coaching plan, and a surprise twist during her journey as well!

Meet Peter!

Peter ruptured a disk and the next he knew he was in back surgery.  Three months later, at the urging of his neurosurgeon, he came to VerticAlign.  He learned that his glutes had been asleep most of his life.  Thanks to his time, commitment and humor, Peter now has a “butt” that is functional for movement, but also one his wife calls “cute”.