Meet Mary!

Mary Matura had hip pain for months.  She tried a Chiropractor with limited results.  She did Pilates, which helped her feel stronger, but she still experienced pain.  It wasn’t until she committed to a VerticAlign posture routine that she felt astounding results in just a few short weeks. Watch her story below…


Meet Jill!

Jill Wolf was frustrated she could never work out with her husband due to back and knee pain. She came to VerticAlign not quite convinced it would help.  Take a look and see her results, and a surprise twist during her journey as well!


Meet Peter!

Peter ruptured a disk and the next he knew he was in back surgery.  Three months later, at the urging of his neurosurgeon, he came to VerticAlign.  He learned that his glutes had been asleep most of his life.  Thanks to his time, commitment and humor, Peter now has a “butt” that is functional for movement, but also one his wife calls “cute”.