• Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly Skype sessions available with your posture therapist (Zeena Dhalla) to assess your posture and design a home based exercise routine.
  • Online program design delivered directly to your email box with your customized routine.
  • Encouragement from Zeena with email and text message support.
  • Visit here for more information and pricing
  • VerticAlign's flagship course the Slouch Solution is currently open for a LIMITED TIME
  • 4 weeks of posture busting exercises delivered online through our high tech delivery system
  • Daily encouragement from your posture coach with online feedback on your form and technique
  • Visit here for more information on this revolutionary course
  • VerticAlign's offers a solution for employees sitting at a desk, to help reduce  the pain of siting all day long.
  • This posture coaching solution delivers daily emails with posture movements that can be done at your workstation. No fancy equipment needed and the exercises can be done in work attire. 
  • Each workout delivered includes 5 to 7 exercises daily taking 10 minutes of time, and offers daily encouragement and online feedback.
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