Recommended posture products


This software is incredibly easy to download and implement as a posture “checker” and ergonomic stretch break “reminder” throughout your day. Read our review of this product here.

Order the BrightDay software here.

Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow

Sleep on the pillow that Posture Coach Zeena sleeps on every day! This pillow can support your neck in the face up neutral position, while also providing support for your shoulders when lying on your side.

Order the Therapeutica Pillow here.


Ergo Ergo Active Sitting Chair

Stay moving all day long with this very comfortable “active sitting” chair! Read our review about this product.

Order ErgoErgo Chair Here.

ErgoErgo Chair

Upright GO Posture Trainer

Do daily posture sessions at your desk with the Upright GO. Read our review about this product.

Order Upright Go Here.

Upright GO

Ball Chair for Active Sitting

This ball chair promotes core stability, positions the pelvis properly and discourages crossing of legs. Read our review about this product.

Order Ball Chair Here.

Order Ball Chair


This brace supports the pelvis and encourages a better upper body position! Read our review of this product.

Order Better Back Posture Brace Here.

Better Back Posture Brace

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