Free training: 3 simple solutions for your employees’ neck pain – even if they’re working from home. Watch now

Good posture builds healthy, pain-free teams

Support your employees with a virtual workshop designed to prevent injury and boost health and energy.

Wondering why standing desks haven’t solved your team’s pain and posture problems?

Ergonomic furniture is just the first step in preventing work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) like back, shoulder and wrist pain.

Whether your employees are sitting or standing, extended time in the same position can take a toll on their bodies. And even the best desk can’t combat the health conditions caused by all of this immobility. In addition to MSDs, excessive sitting is linked to greater risks of obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease.

To prevent pain and chronic conditions—and to maximize your ergonomics program – your employees need to understand how posture and movement are key to their health. VerticAlign can help.

Introducing the Posture, Pain and Productivity workshop

Join leading businesses like Google and Microsoft who’ve chosen this training to help their teams take charge of their health and posture.

  • Education
  • Exercise
  • Coaching

This isn’t a pre-recorded video or boring workbook. This live, virtual workshop blends education and exercise in a way that’s engaging, relatable and easy to implement.

In just 1-hour, your team will know how to:

  • Work in good posture to reduce their chances of developing musculoskeletal disorders like back pain – the leading cause of disability globally
  • Do simple, yet powerful posture break exercises to help prevent chronic conditions linked to excessive sitting and standing

They’ll learn and do the exercises during the workshop and will get personalized feedback from VerticAlign founder Zeena Dhalla.

Want VerticAlign to train your team to good health and posture?

What VerticAlign clients say

Immediate results

“Zeena’s workshop was very hands-on and even just doing the exercises in the class immediately made my back and shoulders feel better. I’m looking forward to doing these exercises regularly as part of my exercise routine.”

– Lauren
Google Team Member

Interactive team bonding

“It was nice to have our firm focus on our wellness together. After our session our team was much more lively and participated more than ever had – so thank you!”

– Workshop participant
Kiyohara & Takahashi, LLP

Beyond the basics

“I honestly wasn’t sure quite what to expect going into this program. I assumed it would be mostly about how one should sit at a desk. It was definitely so much more… I assure you I’m already thinking about how I stand and sit far differently.”

– Nathan M
Red Bull

Why choose the Posture, Pain and Productivity workshop?

During this live training, your employees will gain the knowledge and skills they need to maintain healthy posture and prevent work-related musculoskeletal disorders.


Your team will learn:

  • The causes of poor posture so they can avoid them
  • Common posture problems or deviations so they can recognize them
  • What good posture looks like – and how our
    screen-filled lifestyles work against it
  • The right way to work at their desks
  • How to text on their mobile phones without developing neck pain

They’ll reinforce what they’ve learned by participating in a live posture assessment on a volunteer.


Your team will learn:

  • How posture exercise breaks taken multiple times a day can prevent pain and musculoskeletal disorders. Studies show that just 10 minutes of active movement, several times a day, can reduce MSDs and stress.
  • How to do 5 to 10 simple, targeted posture exercises that can be done at their workstations or desks.


No guessing about proper form. As your employees do the posture break exercises, VerticAlign founder Zeena Dhalla will provide individual feedback and tips.

A Q&A with Zeena will ensure your team will have everything they need to implement what they’ve learned right away.

Ready to bring this training to your team?

This workshop is perfect for your business if you:

  • Invested in ergonomic solutions, but are still seeing posture-related pain and musculoskeletal disorders among your employees
  • Have a remote workforce working at non-ergonomic workspaces
  • Have employees who commute or travel long distances
  • Want to reinforce your company’s commitment to a culture of well-being
  • Want a fun virtual activity to engage your team

Business costs of bad posture and lack of activity

Investing in a proactive program to address posture and immobility can help prevent the high annual costs associated with pain and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Those costs include:


out of every $3 spent on workers’ compensation


billion in cumulative workers’ compensation costs


per hourly employee, $2,660 per salaried worker due to absenteeism


per employee due to presenteeism


of all days away from work


A reduction in productivity for 60% of employees who returned to work after sick leave because of an MSD

Benefits of posture breaks and active workplaces

Numerous studies have shown that posture break exercises done multiple times a day lead to positive results, including:

Improved levels of comfort, work performance, and reduced risk of MSDs

A decrease in shoulder, mid-, and low-back pain

8% decrease in risk of dying from cancer

Higher well-being that’s directly linked to higher engagement

Reduced stress and improvement in mental health

Hi, I’m Zeena Dhalla

I’m the founder of VerticAlign Posture Coaching, certified posture alignment therapist and ergonomics specialist. I created VerticAlign’s corporate workshops to help teams like yours find good health and posture through alignment and exercise.

Before I began my 20-year career in fitness, I had debilitating back pain from hours of desk work. That began my journey to master the science behind keeping bodies strong and pain-free. Today I use my
experience to help teams – and businesses – like yours stay strong and healthy through posture alignment and exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don’t need special equipment. Some exercises will require bending or extending your knees so clothing that allows this movement is recommended.

It’s not required, but we find most people choose to turn on their cameras. This allows them to get personalized feedback as they do the exercises.

The standard set of exercises taught during the workshop includes 5 sitting and 5 standing. This can be modified to all sitting exercises.

There’s no limit, but because we try to provide as much individual feedback as possible, the ideal number is under 50. If you have more than that, consider breaking up the group into multiple workshops.

Additional services for businesses and teams

Ergo Elite Program

A monthly subscription program designed for companies looking for a comprehensive desk ergonomics program. Services include workshops, classes, assessments, and a discomfort survey.

Slouch Specific: How to Fix Tech Neck

This virtual 30-minute workshop includes sitting, standing and floor exercises that aren’t covered in Pain, Posture and Productivity. All are meant to combat the posture problem linked to our mobile lifestyles.

Project Posture: Delivered Daily

This email program delivers a selection of posture break exercises each workday. Each day’s exercise can be completed in as little as 10 minutes while sitting or standing at your workstation. No equipment needed.

Empowered Ergonomics

During this virtual workshop your employees will get easy-to-implement tips for setting up an ergonomic home office, working in good posture and using posture break exercises for better health.


Are work-from-home desk setups a pain in the neck for your employees?

In just 3 minutes, you’ll learn simple posture and ergonomic solutions for neck pain that you and your team can implement right away.


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