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Posture, Pain




A Virtual Workshop for Home Based Employees!

Founder Zeena Dhalla offers a 1 hour workshop on the impact of posture and how it could be causing a variety of musculoskeletal disorders such as back, neck, hip, knee, and shoulder pain.

What topics are included in the workshop: 

  • What is good posture?
  • What are common posture deviations?
  • What exercises are effective for these deviations?
  • How to sit at your desk in good posture.
  • How to text on your phone in good posture.
  • What causes poor posture?  

Posture Therapist Zeena Dhalla conducts a postural assessment on a volunteer from the audience, which always proves to be an educational experience for all attendees!

Participants are also encouraged to perform sample exercises which can be done in their chair or standing during the Lunch and Learn.

Are You Moving Enough ?

You know you need to move more at your workstation. You’ve searched videos on YouTube for suggestions. Maybe you’ve even made it a New Year’s Resolution. It’s so hard. It’s easy to forget what to stretch. You’re not a fitness expert, so would do you know how strengthen the right muscles.

Besides, doing the same stretches and exercises over and over again is boring and mundane.  

The work day gets away from you and by the end you’re exhausted from all that lack of movement, that you sit in your car to drive home. No one is keeping you accountable to your daily exercises. Stationary computer work immobilizes the joints, creating an increased chance of musculoskeletal pain.

Employees report feeling better after the workshop and becoming far more aware of how they sit, stand, and move throughout their office. 

This Lunch and Learn is a fantastic kick off to implement the “10 Minute Daily Desk Pain Solution” into your office.  

Find out more about this revolutionary online program here.

Employees who participate in the Lunch and Learn are very excited to embark on a daily accountability plan offered by the Desk Pain Solution program.

Shortly after running my first (and only) marathon, my lower back pain got so intense from years of sitting and then suddenly running long distances. I didn’t effectively stretch and strengthen the proper muscles before, during and after all that running. The was debilitating and not to mention, demoralizing.

I had a desk job at the time, and I could barely get out of my seat.

I tried chiropractic and Osteotherapy to little success. Then I quit my day job and started working as a personal trainer, and my pain subsided.

What made the difference? I learned the proper movement needed to stretch the commonly tight muscles, and strengthen the commonly weak muscles. I got more movement into my life, and re-aligned my spine.

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Lunch and Learn on Posture, Pain and Productivity

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It is estimated that 15% to 20% of Americans will have back pain within a year and 50% to 80% will experience back pain at least once in their life.

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