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Individualize your workstation with custom ergonomic recommendations

1-to-1 support with an ergo and posture specialist to set up a pain free office space

A 2020 study of computer workers working from home found that 70% of people experience discomfort in their body.

When employees set up home workspaces on their own, there is a high likelihood that they may end up with pain and repetitive stress injuries. A survey conducted by the Journal of Ergonomics found that the most effective program is a combination of education and ergonomic interventions like work site adjustments and exercise.

Individuals often need custom support to find the solution that’s right for them. Do they need to raise their chair? Where should the monitor go? Is this the correct mouse for their hand? Minor adjustments and tweaks can make a major difference in how your body feels.

Introducing a custom solution:
1-to-1 Ergonomics Assessment

Supercharge your remote team with a customized approach to increasing workstation comfort, decreasing pain, and improving productivity.

What’s included:

  • A 30 to 40 minute one to one video session with VerticAlign’s Ergonomics Specialist, Dr. Becky Paulson.
  • A comprehensive assessment and report including product and equipment recommendations at varying price points.
  • Posture recommendations including specific exercises and stretches addressing current pain points.
  • A reserved seat in VerticAlign’s 3 Desk Pain Solution coaching program to begin immediately after the assessment. This program includes over 60 ergo break exercises that will add powerful posture therapy movements and required ergo break suggestions into the work day.

Meet Dr. Becky Paulson, PT

Becky Paulson has her doctorate in Physical Therapy from Chapman University and has spent the last few years treating complex pelvic health clients in Orange County, California. She holds her Advanced Office Ergonomics Certification from the Back School and is an expert at engaging and teaching clients in the virtual format. She enjoys the outdoors: running, hiking, rock climbing, and practicing yoga and meditation. She is inspired by helping people move, get out of pain, and feel empowered in their lives.

What VerticAlign clients say

Immediate relief

“Learned so many simple small tweaks that I can
already feel in my back and neck! Thank you!”

– Helane,

Business benefits of an ergonomics program

A proactive approach to ergonomics can reap big health benefits for your employees and your business. A review of 40 case studies about the effectiveness of ergonomics found:


fewer cases of work-related musculoskeletal disorders


fewer lost work days


decrease in workers’ comp costs


increase in productivity

Business costs of bad posture and lack of activity

Investing in a proactive program to address posture and immobility can help prevent the high annual costs associated with pain and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Those costs include:

$1 out of every $3 spent on workers’ compensation

$20 billion in cumulative workers’ compensation costs

34% of all days away from work

$3,600 per hourly employee,
$2,660 per salaried worker due to absenteeism

$1,685 per employee due to presenteeism

A reduction in productivity for 60% of employees who returned to work after sick leave because of an MSD

Benefits of posture breaks and active workplaces

Numerous studies have shown that posture break exercises done multiple times a day lead to positive results, including:

  • Improved levels of comfort, work performance, and reduced risk of MSD
  • A decrease in shoulder, mid-, and low-back pain
  • Higher well-being that’s directly linked to higher engagement
  • Reduced stress and improvement in mental health

Want more info about how VerticAlign can help your team’s health?

Additional services for businesses

If you’d like more support for your workforce, the following services are also available:

The 3-Week Desk Pain Solution

A digital program that delivers 4 new exercises a day for 3 weeks. People can message coach Zeena Dhalla and send her videos or photos of themselves doing the exercises for her feedback.

The Posture, Pain and Productivity workshop

This 1-hour virtual workshop will teach your team the science behind posture, how to get good posture and more exercises to use during posture breaks.

Empowered Ergonomics

During this virtual workshop your employees will learn easy-to-implement tips for setting up an ergonomic home office, working in good posture, and using posture exercise breaks for better health.

to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll need a computer with a webcam, smartphone, or tablet that can run the Zoom app. You’ll likely need to move your device so that your form can be seen from different angles, so static cameras aren’t recommended.

You’ll also need a digital camera so you can send us photos of your workstation before each session. You can check out the specific photo instructions here.

Since we will be checking your sitting and standing posture, the tighter the fit on your clothing, the better. Wearing short sleeves can also assist with seeing your hand/wrist position.

You will receive your custom ergonomics report with individualized equipment and exercise recommendations within 2 weeks of your appointment. You will be encouraged to begin your participation in the 3 Week Desk Pain Solution program on the Monday following your appointment.


Are work-from-home setups a pain in the neck for your employees?

In just 3 minutes, you’ll learn simple posture and ergonomic solutions for neck pain that you and your team can implement right away.

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