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Support your remote employees with an ergonomics and exercise workshop designed just for them

Easy-to-implement tips for setting up an ergonomic home office, working in good posture and using posture exercise breaks for better health.

The workplace is evolving. Your ergonomics program should too.

Are you racing to keep up with the health and wellness needs of your remote workforce? When employees set up home workspaces without knowledge about proper ergonomics, chances are good they’ll develop musculoskeletal disorders like back and neck pain. However, it’s complicated to provide individual ergonomic assessments to every remote employee – especially when they’re spread across time zones.

And then there’s the problem that can undermine the benefits of even the best ergonomic furniture – immobility.

Whether sitting or standing, extended time in the same position has been linked to chronic conditions like obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease.

How do you make sure your remote workforce is set up to succeed and stay healthy?

What if you could help your team learn how to set up ergonomic home offices, and how to take simple, yet powerful posture exercise breaks through their workdays? And do it all through a single solution that’s ideal for virtual teams?

Introducing the Empowered Ergonomics workshop

A survey conducted by the Journal of Ergonomics found that the most effective program is a combination of education and ergonomic interventions like work site adjustments and exercise. Your workforce will get this powerful combo in the Empowered Ergonomics workshop.

No pre-recorded lessons, conference rooms or boring workbooks. In this 1-hour virtual workshop, your employees will learn everything they need to take charge of their ergonomics, health and posture.


Your team will learn:

  • How to sit and stand in good posture
  • How to select and position ergonomic tools and furniture like keyboards, mice, chairs and standing desks. They’ll also get recommendations on products that have been tested by VerticAlign.
  • Ergonomic hacks for the home office
  • How to recognize poor posture by participating in a sitting posture assessment on a volunteer. This will also help them reinforce what they’ve learned.


Research shows that posture exercise breaks of as little as 10-minutes, taken multiple times throughout the day, can help alleviate musculoskeletal disorders and reduce stress.

Your team will experience the benefits by participating in posture breaks throughout the workshop.

They’ll learn 5 simple, yet powerful exercises they can do daily to counter the negative health effects of immobility and excessive sitting.


As your employees do the posture break exercises, VerticAlign founder Zeena Dhalla will provide individual feedback and tips.

And a Q&A with Zeena will ensure your team will have everything they need to implement what they’ve learned right away.

Join leading businesses like Google and Microsoft who choose VerticAlign to help keep their teams healthy.

What VerticAlign clients say

Immediate relief

“Learned so many simple small tweaks that I can
already feel in my back and neck! Thank you!”

– Helane,

Ongoing benefits

“This workshop was wonderful! Afterwards, I felt so much ease in my back. I will definitely be practicing the exercises on a daily basis!”

– Monica J,
Google team member

Real life examples, easy-to
apply exercises

“I found that having real-life examples was useful to get a sense of what issues can exist. It also gave me a sense of what issues may exist for myself. I also thought that the exercises were easy to digest, and ones that I can apply to my daily life.”

– Google team member

Not your average Zoom call

“I never would have expected an online session to be so interactive with so many people on the call. I definitely felt better after doing the exercises!”

– Sonja,
VerticAlign workshop participant

Business benefits of an ergonomics program

A proactive approach to ergonomics can reap big health benefits for your employees and your business. A review of 40 case studies about the effectiveness of ergonomics found:


fewer cases of work-related musculoskeletal disorders


fewer lost work days


decrease in workers’ comp costs


increase in productivity

Business costs of bad posture and lack of activity

Investing in a proactive program to address posture and immobility can help prevent the high annual costs associated with pain and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Those costs include:

$1 out of every $3 spent on workers’ compensation

$20 billion in cumulative workers’ compensation costs

34% of all days away from work

$3,600 per hourly employee,
$2,660 per salaried worker due to absenteeism

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Benefits of posture breaks and active workplaces

Numerous studies have shown that posture exercises done multiple times a day lead to positive results, including:

  • Improved levels of comfort, work performance, and reduced risk of MSDs
  • A decrease in shoulder, mid-, and low-back pain
  • Higher well-being that’s directly linked to higher engagement
  • Reduced stress and improvement in mental health

The Empowered Ergonomics workshop is perfect for you if you want to:

  • Help your remote workforce set up ergonomic home workspaces
  • Be proactive against potential work-related musculoskeletal disorders
  • Reinforce your company’s commitment to a culture of well-being
  • Increase employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Boost your existing health and wellness programs

Want to know how VerticAlign can train your team for good health and posture?

Additional services for businesses

If you’d like more support for your workforce, the following services are also available:

Ergo Elite Program

A monthly subscription program designed for companies looking for a comprehensive desk ergonomics program. Services include workshops, classes, assessments, and a discomfort survey.

Project Posture: Delivered Daily

This email program delivers a selection of posture break exercises each workday. Each day’s exercise can be completed in as little as 10 minutes while sitting or standing at your workstation. No equipment needed.

1-to-1 Ergonomics Assessment

A 30 to 40-minute one-on-one video session with VerticAlign’s Ergonomics Specialist, Zeena Dhalla.

The Posture, Pain and Productivity workshop

This 1-hour virtual workshop will teach your team the science behind posture, how to get good posture and more exercises to use during active breaks.

Hi, I’m Zeena Dhalla

I’m Zeena Dhalla, founder of VerticAlign Posture Coaching, certified posture alignment therapist and ergonomics specialist. I created VerticAlign’s corporate workshops to help teams like yours find good health and posture through alignment and exercise.

Before I began my 20-year career in fitness, I had debilitating back pain from hours of desk work. That began my journey to master the science behind keeping bodies strong and pain-free. Today I use my experience to help teams – and businesses – like yours stay strong and healthy through posture alignment and exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer an 1-to1 Ergonomics Assessment. This is a 30 to 40 minute one-on-one video session with VerticAlign’s Ergonomics Specialist, Dr. Becky Paulson. It includes a comprehensive assessment, report and posture break recommendations.

No special equipment is needed. Some exercises will require one to bend or extend their knees so clothing that allows this movement is recommended.

It’s not required for participants to have their cameras on during the workshop, but we find most people choose to turn them on.

There’s no limit, but because we try to provide as much individual feedback as possible, the ideal number is under 50. If you have more than that, consider breaking up the group into multiple workshops.



Are work-from-home desk setups a pain in the neck for your employees?

In just 3 minutes, you’ll learn simple posture and ergonomic solutions for neck pain that you and your team can implement right away.

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