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VerticAlign’s Helpful Posture Documents

Here are your free goodies!

Are you interested in a quick solution to your “hunchback” posture? Check it out here:

The 5 Min Solution to Hunchback Posture

How about a Daily Desk Plan to help you improve posture at your work station? Check this one out:

The Desk Posture Daily Plan

Some of you are looking to lose weight, and good posture can help immensely. Check out this exercise plan here:

The 7 Minute Power Posture Routine to Boost Weight Loss

I did an Instagram campaign called the “Posture Police” where we corrected poor posture form. Check it out here:

Posture Police Home Workout

Interested in learning more about foam rolling? If so, this document will be helpful for you:

Foam Rolling Information Sheet

Did you read my article on the benefits of Emotional Freedom Technique? If so, you will want the free tapping script here:

EFT Tapping Script Cheat Sheet

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