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VerticAlign Results- Meet Kelly!

It’s time for some VerticAlign results.  Meet Kelly:

Kelly is a successful business owner but with her thriving business, she works long hours at her desk. She had intense neck pain that would often debilitate her, interrupt her sleep and slow her down in staying active. She tried massage and chiropractic care, but would get only limited short term results. 

Kelly completed 2 rounds (16 weeks) of the 8 week custom coaching program, and not only did her pain decrease considerably, she learned a lot about her body and was able to progress her workouts and see some incredible visual results as well.

She didn’t lose much on the scale, but her improved posture made her look more tone and lean.

Kelly was one of the most committed VerticAlign’s clients. She did her routine every day. She would also ask in depth questions during her video sessions to make sure she was completing her exercises effectively.  We are so impressed with her results!

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a couple of years ago

Swear Words and Waterfalls

I was just away in Costa Rica on a personal retreat. I just got home and a few people who saw me could tell I was CHANGED. They assumed it was all the rest, relaxation and personal time without my family, but they were wrong.

This special retreat required work. It was designed to create long-lasting change in the way that I think, feel, and act. We had assignments to do, and limiting beliefs to conquer, and at moments it was the most trying experience ever. Luckily, I was support by 7 other amazing women, and 2 stellar coaches who held my hand and support me every step of the way.

Someday when I’m feeling vulnerable I will share the gory details, but for now, all you get is these lovely pictures. They should express the freedom that I felt while spending a week working on ME.

Yes, I jumped into a waterfall! It was scary and exhilarating at the same time.

So now, let’s talk about YOU. What is stopping you from changing the way your body feels? Let me guess:

“I don’t have time right now I have too much on my plate.”

“I hate exercise.”

“The doctors keep telling me I have a back issue. I should probably take it easy.”

“Whenever I exercise it hurts my back. So it’s not the right solution for me.”

Do any of those ring true? If so, you’re in LUCK. I have a response:

These answers, are all bullshit.

I don’t swear often, but today, I am. I choose to swear because I am feeling as free as I did when I jumped into the waterfall.

Yup, I said it.  I typed it. My editor is probably having a coronary reading this.

While I was away, I learned we tell ourselves a lot of stories; and most of them, are bullshit.

You absolutely have 25 minutes a day to dedicate to your body. You just aren’t making the time.

Hating exercise is bullshit. It’s an excuse. The right workouts are simple and effective, and won’t hurt you or even make you sweat too much.

Your doctors say you have a back issue? Why are you not in treatment? Probably because it’s not serious enough to stop exercising. Movement is the cure to MOST spinal issues. Physical therapists give exercises for recovery.

Whenever you exercise it hurts? Well that means you’re doing the wrong exercise. The VerticAlign programs are designed with the most sensitive of bodies in mind. You might’ve tried running, or spinning, or crossfit. These are all very tough on misaligned bodies.

My course: The Slouch Solution; A 4 Week Program to Eliminate Your Pain and Command Your Posture is open for a short time. This course cuts through all the misinformation online on youtube and elsewhere.  This course brings you the exact right exercises designed for someone who is looking to fix their hunched over posture. Someone who has 20 to 30 minutes a day to dedicated to fixing their pain. It’s designed for someone who is motivated to change, who wants to have their hand held by their posture coach Zeena every step of the way.

Here are the details and testimonials.

If you feel like swearing back at me… comment below!

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a couple of years ago

5 Tips to Eliminate Pain from Poor Posture

OMG, the title of this blog is SOOOOOOO BORING. Honestly, if you skip over this blog post I’ll completely understand. I do hope you keep reading…

I work hard at sending out interesting, attention grabbing content to my blog followers. I study the art of headlines and interesting copy, and I follow a ton of bloggers to learn what’s hot and interesting to the general population.

My favorite thing to do is to come up with a headline. There are headline analyzers you can use, and SEO wordpress plugins that will greenlight when you find the perfect attention grabbing heading. I’m telling you… it could easily be a full time job!

Today, I failed. How many “5 Tips to a Healthy Back” or “7 Ways to Have More Energy at Work” posts have you seen? I’m sure you’ve seen plenty! I should have at least spiced it up and named it “How NOT to Throw Out Your Back When You Bend Over to Pick up the Laundry Basket”. Wait… that’s not a bad one at all. Maybe I should write that blog post!

Well, despite this being the most boring headline in the world, I hope you are still reading this blog post. Even with the bland title, you should learn something new from your favorite posture coach. When it comes to pain free posture tip sharing… I will NOT fail!

Here is an article I wrote, 5 Tips to Eliminate Pain from Poor Posture, published on an amazing site called Wellness Universe. The content is worth reading, so I hope you will take a moment and give it a quick skim.  

After reading the article, I challenge you to comment, and please, RENAME this article to something more eye-catching, interesting, and fun. I can’t wait to read your responses!

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