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a couple of months ago

The Secret Weapon to Reducing Pain in Under 5 Minutes

Has anyone ever told you that your pain is a result of  your stress or emotions? Maybe your logical mind decided to ignore their comment, because, well, you decided that this “emotions cause pain” stuff is all a load of crap. If I can be super honest with you, I’ve been told this before, and I didn’t believe it at all.

Well, I didn’t think it was crap, I just thought to myself: “there is NO WAY this pain is just in my head.”

Because, that’s what that means, right? If your emotions impact your pain, then it must mean there is something wrong with the way you think, and as a result feel. It means that there is no knee issue, or back spasm, or cervical spine issue like your doctor says there is. Some might think that people who think their emotions rule their pain must be “alternative” or “quacky”.  

But let’s think about it logically. When you are nervous, sometimes you get a topsy turvy stomach, right? Ever been caught in a lie?  Ever find yourself sweating much when you were? Or how about that time your uncle was admitted to the hospital for what you thought was a heart attack, but luckily ended up being an anxiety attack. Phew!

Let’s face it. There is absolutely a link between your emotions and how you feel. I deal with pain with my clients on a regular basis. I spend a lot of time looking into solutions to help my clients on every level. Today I bring one of my secret weapons to you.

Emotional Freedom Technique (AKA EFT or sometimes called “Tapping”) is a powerful tool that helps you deal with emotions that are exacerbating your pain. In fact you can use EFT for a variety of self help issues (financial freedom, food self-control). Today we are only focused on how you can use EFT to help minimize pain.

So what exactly is EFT?  Watch this interview with my guru Kim Cook (www.TheBodysEnergy,com) where she explains the technique, how it works, and even takes me through a 3 minute EFT sequence.

Let me break down the interview for you so you know what to listen for:

1:27: Kim explains how EFT works from a scientific perspective.

2:33 She highlights some research on acupressure from Harvard Medical School and links it to the benefits of EFT.

3:55 Kim shares a personal story about a client who reduced his post-surgery pain by 50% in under 15 minutes.

9:47 Even heard of “chasing the pain”? Kim explains what this is and how it works.

10:13 We review the meridian tapping points and explain exactly how to hit them.

13:26 Kim and I use EFT to reduce our pain!

After you complete watching this video you will want to start tapping yourself. I’ve put together an “EFT” tapping script cheat sheet that you can get sent to your email inbox by entering your information at the bottom of the email. This cheat sheet tells you exactly what to say when you are tapping on certain meridian points in your body.

I’ve used EFT for a few years now, and let me tell you, it works. It has helped me reduce pain, calm anxiety, and helped me make stressful and important business decisions. I use EFT in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep. It’s even helped my 9 year old daughter to feel more confident sleeping on her own. I only share the information with you that I think is ultra valuable. This technique is as powerful as they come.

Sure, you might feel odd giving it a try. But feeling weird and trying something “alternative” is far better than living in pain.

Don’t you think?

Comment below and let me know if you’ve ever tried EFT.  I’m always surprised to hear that more people have heard and tried EFT than I think.

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a few months ago

Matt Hsu “The Hip Whisperer” Clears Up Confusion About Your FAI Hip Pain

Ever heard of FAI?

If you haven’t it’s ok.  Many of you out there can maybe relate to hip pain and the compounding effects of it on your ability to lead a carefree, pain free life.  If you sit all day at a desk, or you run marathons in your free time, you are at risk for a dreaded and painful syndrome called FAI.

Femoral Acetabular Impingement (FAI) Syndrome is a condition in the hips, and this diagnosis is getting a lot more attention recently.  When diagnosed with FAI, doctors will often recommended painful surgery but it doesn’t always address the root of the problem.  I am an advocate of doing everything you can  to avoid surgery, therefore I turned to the best person I know that knows about FAI and how to solve it.

Matt Hsu is the founder of (bio below), an amazing resource for all things pain, posture and alignment related.  I stalk him regularly and love surfing his YouTube videos.  I asked Matt to go on video with me to discuss the details of FAI and how the research is contrary to the surgeries being prescribed, and how exercise and muscle work seems to actually be a better solution.  

Matt and I connect on many levels.  We are both passionate about empowering people to solve their own body pain issues.  Here are some timestamped highlights from this inspiring interview so you can find the information you’re looking for:

1:45: Matt describes exactly what FAI is and some of the recent research behind it

5:02: Matt tells us the kind of people that can be affected by FAI (hint: if you’re sitting and reading this you will want to watch this part!)

7:15: Matt starts moving around to show us exactly where FAI pain might manifest (and has fun getting intimate with his camera!)

9:45: He explains exactly why saying the words “I can’t do that” can make your pain even worse.

10:39:  Matt’s FAI Fix program has a system called TSR.  Matt explains exactly what these initials mean.

15:55: Time to get moving!  Matt shows us how to roll the quads and the impact this can have on the hips

17:45: I love the stretch Matt demonstrates for the quads!  You need to check this one out as it’s very unique.

19:30: Matt shows us the “R” in TSR with an exercise that you’ve probably seen before but now has a whole new purpose.

21:20: Matt shares his own personal pain journey, which makes him the inspiration he is today.

Check out the video here.  If you prefer a written transcript, please go here.

Read a little bit more about Matt and his journey to starting his company:

Matt has helped executives, managers, and programmers of top Silicon Valley companies including Facebook, Apple, Google, and Quora. He’s worked abroad with key people at various top level Hong Kong legal, banking, and large retail firms as well as with motivated individuals in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He’s worked with Navy SEALs, former and current pro athletes in the NFL and MLB, physical therapists in the U.S. and abroad, and with a wide range of business owners, moms and dads, weekend warriors, and hardcore desk jockeys.

He co-created the FAI Fix, the world’s first online program dedicated to helping people everywhere understand and beat femoroacetabular impingement without surgery. He has been a driving force behind multiple online programs – like the Shoulder Fix – that have helped thousands of people improve their mobility and get their lives back.

His own battle with chronic pain from the age of 16 in his feet, knees, hips, back, shoulders, elbows, forearms, wrists, hands, and head gives him a uniquely thorough understanding of musculoskeletal pain, the ways in which it can undermine an entire life, and the mental and physical hurdles that keep people from getting out of it. Matt also spends a great deal of time poring through and critically reviewing medical research to ensure that his ideas and recommendations are based on solid reasoning. His perspectives give hope to people in pain.

The information in this video is invaluable for those suffering with any sort of pain in their hips.  I urge you to watch and take notes.  And get down and start foam rolling right away!  

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Esther Gokhale: The Posture Guru Discusses PAIN FREE Sitting, Cell Phones and Exercise

I had the extreme privilege of interviewing Esther Gokhale, a world renowned  posture guru and founder of the Gokhale Method.

Esther is a mastermind at teaching people how to decrease daily pain, without taking time out of their busy schedules for countless hours of chiropractic appointments or massages.  She teaches simple and effective techniques that can be integrated into your everyday life: how to sit, stand, bend, and sleep. Esther’s book, “The 8 Steps to a Pain Free Back” has sold over 150,000 copies and her posture workshops and classes can be taken worldwide.

I am a huge fan of her work and her philosophies , and I was excited that she chose to “geek out” with me and discuss all things posture.

Ever heard of the “Paleo Diet” that emphasize eating ndavid-matural foods from prehistoric times? Similarly, Gokhale promotes a “primal” posture, where our spines are lengthened, the lumbar curve is emphasized heavily (she calls it an anteverted pelvis), and the glutes are strong and highly developed.  Michaelangelo’s David is used as an example of what our spines should look like: straight at the top part of the spine, with a curve right above the buttocks.

Gokhale’s techniques have produced testimonials from clients who have gone from chronic daily pain, to a pain free life.  It doesn’t take hours of exercise therapies, or loads of painkillers, but rather focused attention on how your body is positioned throughout your day.  Her book does highlight a few exercises that can be done daily to build a stronger body and to maintain the new postural positioning.

Before speaking to Gokhale, I spent some time thinking about how the Gokhale method might integrate with a myriad of exercises classes available in in today’s fitness world.  I was also curious what her thoughts would be on the explosion of mobile phone usage, and how this has contributed to the increase in back and neck pain.  She addresses this, and much much more in our 30 minute talk.

This is a MUST WATCH video, especially if you have back or neck pain. It will change how you sit, how you work on your phone, and how you choose to exercise.

Here are some highlights of the interview that might interest you:

2:13 Esther describes the 2 most popular sitting positions and why they are detrimental to you body.

8:25: What is the proper way to hold your ce
ll phone and position your neck while working on your phone? She demonstrates this for us.

10:23: Esfile_000ther does the Samba on camera!

12:45: What is the big issue with the popular Pilates “hundred” exercise?  Listen and find out.

15:32: Esther tells us how she was a model in Mumbai, India and how it affected her back.brace

23:15: Are posture braces and posture shirts good for you?  Should you invest in one?

25:48: Why parents should NOT be putting their children in an umbrella stroller.

The information in this video is invaluable… check it out, and comment on YOUR favorite part of the interview.

My favorite was the section on Pilates… I wanted to reach through the screen and hug her for her amazing insight!

If you prefer to READ the interview instead, visit HERE for the transcription.


Hope you enjoy watching this video as much as I enjoyed filming it.

In health and good posture,


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