3 simple solutions for your employees’ neck pain – even if they’re working from home

As the number of remote teams grow, so do posture and pain problems. A 2020 study of computer users working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic found that 70% experienced discomfort in the body. And 41% of those had pain in the neck and upper back.

Often the cause of work-related musculoskeletal disorders is a combination of poor posture, improper ergonomics and inactivity.

Watch this 3-minute video to sample VerticAlign’s method for combating and preventing work-related pain through education, ergonomics and ergo stretch breaks. You and your team will be able to implement these tips right away.

Want to bring a full VerticAlign workshop to your team?

Join leading businesses like Google and Microsoft who’ve chosen VerticAlign to help keep their teams healthy and pain-free. VerticAlign founder Zeena Dhalla leads the following virtual workshops:

Posture, Pain and Productivity

A high-energy live training that will teach your team how to sit, stand and move to prevent work-related pain and injuries. It’s a perfect complement to your ergonomics and wellness programs.

Empowered Ergonomics workshop

Ideal for the virtual workforce, this interactive training will teach your team how to set up an ergonomic home office, healthy sitting posture, plus ergo exercises for including movement into their workdays.

Questions about which workshop is right for your team?

What VerticAlign clients say

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