Check Out This Innovative Ergonomic Furniture & Tech! 

I recently had the opportunity to explore the latest in ergonomic innovation at the Ergo Expo 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. There were so many amazing products I got to try out and I’m here to report back on the best of the best!  

Ergonomic Seating

One of the highlights was a visit to the Anthros booth, where I discovered their ground breaking ergonomic chair!

It doesn’t just have lumbar support – it has pelvis support. This unique feature allows you to adjust the chair to your body’s shape and height, promoting natural lumbar curvature. 

The chair also includes thoracic support, providing comfort for both your pelvic and thoracic positions once adjusted properly. The seat cushion is another standout feature of the Anthros Chair. It’s designed with advanced technology to support your sit bones and pelvis, enhancing the overall comfort factor. With these combined features, the Anthros Chair is one of the most comfortable chairs I’ve ever tried out!

Om Seating was another highly impressive company with several seating options. Their designs included the Discovery Back with thinner thoracic support to for more freedom in the upper body. Make sure to watch the video below to see Wilson demonstrate their “pouf” chair with loads of versatility. I also LOVED their rollable, stackable chair that reclines.  

I stopped by the ergoCentric booth, where I came across what they call the ‘law enforcement chair’. This chair is designed with law enforcement officials in mind, who often wear belts with heavy equipment that can damage ordinary chairs. It features a special fabric to prevent tearing and easy-to-remove armrests for increased mobility. The smaller back design also allows for easy movement and turning.

The law enforcement chair also offers excellent ergonomic features, including a pumping mechanism for adjustable thoracic spine and lumbar support.

Ergo Tech

My next stop was to learn about CarpalAID – a small sticker that goes on your hand that can help with immediate relief (and prevention) for carpal tunnel syndrome! You’ll see in the video how easy it was to apply. 

I was excited to get to try out the Contour RollerMouse I had heard so much about! Unlike traditional mice, the RollerMouse is designed for use with both hands. This design allows you to alternate between typing and navigating your cursor without having to grip. It’s a great solution for reducing unilateral strain from regular mousing.

Living in SoCal I don’t do a lot of shoveling, but wow, the Right Reach USA shovel attachment was so cool! It encourages proper posture during use and made it so easy to lift! Definitely check them out if shoveling is a part of your life. 

Finally, a visit to ART certified Dr. Yong Kim was just what I needed to fix a cramping quad/IT band that had been bothering me for DAYS. Make sure to check him out! 

Looking Forward to Ergo Expo 2024!

The Ergo Expo was such an amazing showcase of innovative solutions designed to make workspaces more comfortable and efficient. There’s an ergonomic solution out there for everyone and I’ll definitely be back next year!


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