The Vertical Mouse You Need to Buy and Try Now!

Mousing can be a pain. Literally! Our forearms and wrists contort into a pronated position as we click and scroll away. Pronation means our palms are facing down toward the desk – not a healthy position at all. The design of a vertical mouse moves us from that pronated position into a more neutral one where the palm is facing inward. Switching to this kind of mouse means much less strain on our wrists and reduces “mousing shoulder.

Mousing shoulder (a term I’ve coined) is shoulder asymmetry caused by the repetitive motion of using a mouse. Most people always use the same arm to operate their mouse, causing tightness and weakness in that shoulder. Visually, the shoulder will often look more turned in, elevated, or depressed. 

It’s one of the most common misalignments I encounter when doing posture assessments. Part of the solution is teaching my clients posture exercises and stretches, and I also recommend switching to a vertical mouse for a neutral hand position.

Finding a vertical mouse that fits your hand correctly can be quite challenging since everyone’s hands are shaped differently. That’s where the Contour Unimouse mouse shines with its remarkable adjustability. 

Watch the video below to see just how versatile this mouse is! It’s easy to raise or lower to find the perfect pitch for your hand, and the thumb portion also adjusts for even more customization. Adjustability must be at the top of your list when considering ergonomics equipment – and this mouse delivers.

I highly recommend trying out the Contour Unimouse. It is wireless, has programmable buttons, and sells for about $90. That’s a small price to pay for less pain and healthy arms! To purchase, contact my pal Sabrina at


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