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Curious about what we do in our Posture & Ergonomics workshops? Let’s just say there are NO pre-recorded videos or boring workbooks! When your team hosts one of our live workshops, whether virtual or in person, they’ll get a dynamic blend of ergonomics education and posture exercises designed to keep them engaged, inspired, and motivated.

Zeena Dhalla, Posture and Ergonomics expert and founder of VerticAlign has created a fun, relatable curriculum for teams of all sizes. A workshop includes both education and exercises! With immediate feedback for on-camera participants, there is no need for guessing when it comes to proper form and all the moves are easy to implement. Ample Q&A time means your employees can ask any questions they may have and gain a deeper understanding of how these exercises can benefit them in the long run.

You’ll join top companies like Google and Microsoft, who regularly use our workshops to help their teams take charge of their health and posture.  And the best part? By investing in proper posture practices, your team’s overall well-being and productivity will improve!

Watch this 2-minute video to get a taste of what’s in store and then schedule a quick chat with Zeena to learn how to bring this training to your team!


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