How “Curable” changed my life

Have you experienced chronic pain? What I mean by that is… pain that is persistent for months, years… and, in my case, sometimes… decades?

If so… I have been there. I was in pain. It wasn’t related to musculoskeletal issues or posture, and I will save you the details on the gory (female-related) issues. But what matters is that it’s behind me now. Phew! Because let me tell you, it was debilitating.

My pain sucked. I had tried everything. Every doctor. Every supplement plan. Every medicine. I had tried detoxes and diets and spirit healers and cleanses. When I say everything… I mean EVERYTHING.



10 years into my journey, I discovered a Youtube video that introduced me to the idea that maybe my pain was coming from my emotions, anxieties, fears, and trauma. I said to myself… how is that possible? But I looked into it. Because you know, I was committed to trying EVERYTHING.

So I did. I jumped around to a few mental health practitioners until I landed on a solution called CURABLE.

Curable is an app. But it’s also a community. This solution is run by the biggest and brightest scientific brains (actual medical doctors and psychologists) on a concept called TMS (Tension Myositis Syndrome). This concept is built on the theory that pain is not just a direct result of tis


sue damage, but actually, a complicated phenomenon that begins and ends in the brain. So if the pain is in the brain… why aren’t we doing something about that brain when it comes to pain relief?

This brings me back to Curable. The app has content that will educate you AND give you tangible tips on what you can do if you think your chronic pain is TMS related. The app will walk you through some pain science education, writing prompts, meditations, breathing activities, and other ways to adjust your mind to stop triggering your pain.

And I have a link that will give you access to the app for 6 weeks for free.



Click here for more information on the company. Click here for your free access. Comment below to ask me more questions. I’m happy to share more about my life-changing experience with Curable.

Curable is the perfect solution to add to a regular posture therapy exercise routine. I do both… daily!

Thanks for reading. Maybe this solution is right for you.

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