Posture Therapy Case Study: Chronic upper back tightness SOLVED!

before and after photos. In the first photo, a woman is leaning forward significantly. In the second, her alignment is much better after posture therapy

This client came to me with chronic upper back tightness. She’d seen massage therapists and other practitioners without much relief to show for it. Her diagnosis: Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. When I evaluated her the number one thing that stood out to me was her anterior pelvic tilt.

Take a look at her pelvis position compared to her upper body position in the picture on the left. See how she’s pitching “forward” and how her pelvis is tilted forward? This is causing her upper back to have to “hold her upright” and that is not the way our body was meant to work. 

Over the course of our 8-week program, we focused on retraining her body and strengthening the muscles that should be keeping her aligned. I created a custom program of corrective exercises specific to her condition. These daily stretches and exercises targeted restoring proper alignment in her pelvis. On top of that, we also included lifestyle adjustments such as tips for correct sitting and active lifting.

The results were amazing – after about 8 weeks of posture therapy, this client is standing taller with more strength in her whole body and significantly less tightness in her upper back!

This pelvic posture shift was truly life-changing for her. If you’re experiencing chronic upper back tightness and pain, schedule a posture therapy session with me so I can check your pelvic position and help identify what is actually causing your discomfort. 

Remember. I get to the root cause of your pain. This means that once we solve it, it will be gone for GOOD.

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