Try this Trick to Reduce Neck Pain

Did you know that your head is pretty much a bowling ball balancing on your neck? That’s why when you lean forward to look at the screen all day or just let it start to drift forward, your neck begins to HURT. Try this super easy trick to get your head back in alignment and reduce neck pain and tension! 

It’s literally two quick steps:

  • Take your index finger and place it on your chin 
  • Now use it to push your head backwards. 

That’s it! Watch the demonstration in the video below to see exactly how I’m doing it. 

Now, of course when I do that I’m not really using a lot of my finger power. It’s just a guide here, it’s just reminding my brain. What I am doing is called a neck retraction, and that movement is really good for us because it helps strengthen those muscles and remind our body where our heads should actually be. 

Where should it be in terms of alignment? Your ear should be directly above your shoulder. When your head is in that position, you’re going to have less strain and tension on those neck muscles. 

So remember –  finger on the chin, and push it back as many times throughout the day as you’re thinking about it to reduce neck pain. Please give it a try, and let me know how it goes!


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