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zeena reviews the nuchair

Ready to learn about a brand new seating option for your workspace? It’s called the NuChair (that’s right, it’s pronounced like “new chair”)!

Why create a NuChair?

This chair was developed to address some issues we run into with posture in a regular chair. When we sit in any regular chair, we have a very small hip angle, sometimes 90 degrees, sometimes a little bit less. This causes our pelvis to tuck under and go into what we call a posterior pelvic tilt

And when we sit like that we tend to round our upper body and our head comes forward, and then suddenly, we’re sitting in poor posture. 

That’s why a lot of chairs have lumbar support to help keep you lifted and seated in a more neutral position. And as much as lumbar support can be helpful, it doesn’t often solve the problem, either because the lumbar support is not fitted properly, or we just come up with ways to figure out how to work around that. 

If you watch the video below, the chair I’m initially sitting on is a kneeling chair. Kneeling chairs solve some of the problems we just talked about, since you have a wide hip angle and the pelvis naturally goes into a more neutral position. It’s not difficult for me to hold this position. My knees are lower than my hips, so my pelvis naturally sits in this position. I can type properly and keep my eyes looking forward to my monitors. 

The problem with a kneeling chair is that the pressure on your shins and on your knees when you sit here is pretty intense. I can only stay in this position for about one to two hours at a time, and then I have to switch it out. 

What the NuChair does Differently

So, how does the NuChair seek to fix both the posture issue and the shin pressure problem? Let’s start with the NuChair itself. As you can see in the video, when you sit on this chair, you’re going to be in a sloped position where your knees are below your hips.  This gives you a nice wide hip angle and your pelvis naturally goes into that neutral position. That solves the posture problem!

And instead of putting your knees on something, we now have this little cushion here that you can lean against. You don’t have to lean against it too much, it just provides you with a little bit of support, including built-in slip resistance.  This allows you to sit at your desk in good posture without putting pressure on your shins. Shin pressure issue solved!

Now bear in mind that this chair is brand new, and they’re still working on different iterations of it.  The owner, Mike, was so lovely to give me a chance to take a look at it and try it out. It feels really good on my body when I use it. However, since the chair is so new, there’s no research on it. That’s why I can’t fully and enthusiastically say use this eight hours a day. 

What I can tell you, from a biomechanics standpoint, is how amazing it feels to be seated with the wide hip angle and to have this nice base of support. Also important: the chair does have a couple adjustment points where it goes up and down for height and angles as well. So it’s really quite adjustable and can fit most body types. 

Who this chair is good for

This chair design is ideal for all desk workers, and would be especially great for people who are doing a lot of work that are forward folding, like tattoo artists or dentists. This chair allows you to really lean into your work without having to be in that posterior pelvic tilt forward-head position all day long. 

Definitely check this chair out at and use code ZEENAPOSTURE when you checkout to get $50 off your order of $400+. 

Watch the video below for my full demonstration of the NuChair! 

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