How to Make Your Folding Table Ergonomic

Standing behind a folding table, maybe at a trade show, or as a caterer or bartender, is a recipe for bad posture! The table is low and you’re all hunched over, which leads to PAIN! That’s why I’m so excited to review this new product, Lift Your Table – the way to make your folding table ergonomic and solve this problem!

Why does it hurt to stand at a folding table for so long? Well, the average folding table is only about 29 inches tall, much too low for your average adult to stand at comfortably. If you’re standing at that table for a long period of time, you’re going to be all rounded over and that’s not good for your posture or your ergonomics

Just add Lift Your Table, which takes this table up to 36 inches (which is more of a kitchen counter height), or 42 inches (which is more of a bar height). Installation is super easy, and the legs that actually lift the table up are safe and secure. You can check it out in action in the video below. Now that your folding table is ergonomic, the problem is solved!

In fact, we actually had an event recently where we used this product to bring the table for our bartender up to that 36 inch height. The result: she was able to do her job without slouching forward! It’s a really simple solution that costs about $40-$60 USD. .

I highly recommend Lift Your Table, especially for people working at trade shows, or if you do a lot of events. It’s a budget friendly solution that is quick and easy to install, giving you two height options depending on your needs. Watch the video for all the details, then grab your own at!


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