Why You Need a Posture Coach!

why you need a posture coach

When I say, “Hi, I’m a posture coach,” what do you picture my job to be? Do you imagine me following someone around, poking their back anytime they slump?

Good guess, but in reality that’s not the way I help my clients with their posture (although I have tried it before and it was fun). 

What I do is teach you movement, exercises, and stretches that improve your posture, decrease your pain, and improve your productivity.  

These actions are critical to your wellbeing, as underscored by recent research. One study found that if you implement postural shift interventions and active breaks into your day, you can reduce the onset of neck and back pain by between 55 and 81%. Wow!

Research also shows that with these interventions you can decrease the potential reoccurrence of neck or back pain between 65 and 78 percent.

Huge numbers, right? You definitely need to be acting on this data!

And that is exactly what I do as a posture coach. I know the pain points desk workers commonly deal with and how to alleviate them. Don’t waste time searching all across the internet for movements that might work. Our programs here at VerticAlign are proven and convenient! 

Some desk exercise programs will have you doing random yoga moves and stretches. Stretching along can actually sometimes make the problem worse. When working out posture and pain problems, it’s important to not only work on increasing range of motion, but also building stability around the joints. Also sequencing exercises and what order you do them in, can really affect the cause and outcome of your posture plan. 

In our 3 Week Desk Pain Solution, we teach you 4 exercises a day, 5 days a week, for 3 weeks (that’s 60 exercises total!). Each day of exercises is planned scientifically to create real change in the body. You’ll notice a difference in your strength and flexibility over time, plus I provide real coaching! If you have questions about an exercise or want me to check your form, we can do this very easily through our online program.

So, at the end of the day, why do you need a posture coach? Because when you incorporate posture friendly movement into your day you will decrease your pain, and skyrocket your productivity. That’s what we’re here to help you with!


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