Introducing Posture Break LIVE!

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I want you to think about the last time you were at your computer workstation all day.  Now think about how often you took breaks. Mid morning coffee from the kitchen? Lunchtime? Bio break? If you’re looking at hours and hours of work with maybe 3-4 breaks – you’re doing your body a HUGE disservice! It’s time to implement posture breaks! 

What the Research Says…

In fact, ergonomics research tells us that if you are working at your workstation for hours on end, that you need to be taking the appropriate breaks. Cornell University has come out with a research study that is telling us that for every 30 minutes that we work at our workstation, we should be taking a two minute stretch break.

That’s two stretch breaks per hour!

And honestly, if you’re going to take that break at your workstation, you might as well do a posture exercise at the same time. This means you can improve your posture, activate unused muscles, and take that ergonomic break all at the same time. 

We call this an active posture break

The Solution

Wondering what movements are simple, effective, and desk friendly? Introducing our new service, Posture Break LIVE! It’s a private, virtual class for your employees composed of 25 minutes of exercises and then 5 minutes of Q&A. 

In Posture Break LIVE, we teach exercises to corporations and businesses and teams that want to help improve their employees posture and decrease their pain and improve their productivity. Three of my favorite movements to teach include arm circles, ankle circles, and a chest stretch – all designed to be done at a desk!

Please contact us if you’d like to bring Posture Break LIVE to your company or if you have any questions! 


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