Why Companies need Posture + Ergonomic Awareness

It’s very popular right now for companies to focus on ergonomic equipment, and I love that! However,  without adding in posture awareness and education, there’s a missing link that is being ignored. 

That is the message I was excited to share recently when I made a guest appearance  on the Critical Mass Business Talk Show with Ric Franzi. 

Ric and I were able to talk about so many factors that affect productivity and the bottom line for companies. For example, out of 100 people on any given team, statistics tell us that 15 of those people will take sick leave at some point related to back pain. And 5 of those 15 will not return to work within a month. Isn’t that staggering? 

Now imagine that companies had us complete an ergonomic assessment for each team member. And imagine that we found that an employee needs a different chair because she’s shorter than average. Investing that $300 in a chair and getting her into our desk pain solution program, well, it could save a costly workers comp claim down the road!

And really, that’s what it comes down to. Employees need custom solutions and specific education. Especially with so many people working from home these days, it’s critical for their workstations to be set up correctly. Active posture breaks also need to be a regular part of the work day. 

A Cultural Shift

It’s a shift in workplace culture that I am on a mission to spread far and wide!

With team members spread out geographically, it’s no longer practical to provide healthy lunches or in-house lunch and learns. That’s what makes our virtual solutions the perfect answer for mid sized businesses looking to include a wellness benefit. 

Ric and I talked about all this in a lot more detail, so make sure you listen to the podcast episode on your favorite podcast app or at https://podcast.criticalmassforbusiness.com/e/critical-mass-business-talk-show-ric-interviews-zeena-dhalla-founder-of-verticalign-posture-ergonomics/ !  

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