Consistency is Key!

consistency is key

When my clients come to me, they want relief from pain! Maybe you do too? Well, I can tell you what the secret is – and it’s something anyone can do, no matter what their resources. 

What is it???

(you probably guessed from the blog title, didn’t ya?)


Sure, there are many tools that can help you along the way: 1:1 posture coaching, ergonomic chairs, even software to remind you to use good posture. BUT if you only half heartedly make use of these, it won’t do you any good. 

On the flip side, if your budget isn’t expansive and you’re working with fewer tools, you can still create a huge transformation in your posture as long as you do the work needed day in and day out. 

When I’m creating programs and exercise “menus”, I ALWAYS design them in a way that you can consistently integrate it into your life! I’d much rather you did 20 minutes of exercise six days a week, than 40 minutes only 3 days a week.

The consistency is the critical piece that will retrain your BRAIN and your BODY. 

SO when you are working with a posture expert (like me!) to create a menu of exercises, be honest about what you will realistically do on a consistent basis. That’s when you’ll experience that pain relief and better posture that is your goal.

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