Brain Tricks for Posture Movement

brain tricks for posture movement demonstrated by zeena and misha

Ah, brain tricks. Those little nuggets of wisdom that help us remember all kinds of easily forgettable things – like that your sister’s birthday on March 21 is just 3-2=1. We all have them, some we are taught and some we make up for ourselves. But what if there are brain tricks that could help get you better posture? I teamed up with Misha from CentralCore PB and learned SO MUCH about how these seemingly random cognitive “tricks” will HELP your posture journey.

Misha’s philosophies on the brain make a lot of sense. Let’s think about it…. If you are “nervous” about an upcoming event, your stomach feels it. If you are stressed about your work week, you may experience a headache. The brain is what drive everything in your body and different brain centers can speak to each other to progress movement. So let’s take a deeper dive into how certain neurological trick can impact your movement patterns: 

#1: Open Up Your Chest Muscles by Using…Your Tongue!?!?

Stretching those pectoral muscles and having an open chest is how we combat that slouched forward “tech neck” position. You’ve seen several exercises I recommend to do just that! Then Misha taught me that if you push your tongue into your cheek, it will help you stretch even better than before. Watch and see:

#2: How to Rotate Further by Using Your EYES!

As we increase our range of motion through rotation, our spine works out those kinks that come from sitting for hours a day. Arms up like goal posts, rotating from side to side, is one of my go to stretches. And then Misha showed me how to go even FURTHER into the movement using just my eyes, watch this: 

#3: How to Balance Better by Counting Backwards

I don’t blame you if this one makes you feel really skeptical, but the proof is in the doing! Give it a try yourself. Balance on one leg and either say the months of the year backwards, or count backwards by 3. Your balance will improve after the first 30 seconds or so. WOW! Watch me give it a try:


Give all three brain tricks for better posture a try, and leave me a comment with the result that surprised you the most! Learn more about Misha and her amazing work on Instagram and Facebook @centralcorePB!

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