How Long does it take to Correct Posture?

One question I get asked over and over again as a posture coach is HOW LONG does it take to correct posture? And they don’t mean those in-the-moment corrections I make during our sessions. No, they want to know what timeline to expect for it to become NATURAL to stand in a good postural position. 

My answer: Anywhere from two weeks to two years. Why such a variation? Well it depends on a number of factors. First, consistency. Second, age. And third, mindset. Let’s unpack each of these a little more. 


How consistent are you with your exercises? This question determines how fast you master any new skill or habit, whether it’s the piano, a new language, or better posture. Practicing once a week isn’t going to get you anywhere fast. Make sure you are completing your posture stretches DAILY!


How long have you been in that poor postural position? It’s really just a matter of physics. The longer you’ve been typing, texting and spending hours a day at your desk without countering any of those poor postural positions, the longer it’s going to take to undo the damage. 


How confident are you that you CAN change your posture? How committed are you to doing what it takes? When you bring a positive, can-do attitude, AND pair that with consistent workouts, you will see results faster. Believe me, I’ve seen it!

SO…consistency, age, and mindset are ALL going to affect how long it takes to correct your posture. 

This means that YOUR choices have a lot to do with whether it takes a shorter or longer period of time. Working with me, a certified posture coach, can bring a HUGE amount of accountability to support you on the way. I’d love to see you in my 3 Week Desk Pain solution. It’s a simple coaching program with targeted movements to get you started with posture correction. Learn more here!

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