Dual Monitor Causing Your Pain?

Did you know that the popular two monitor workstation setup could be seriously detrimental to your posture?

I use this layout myself and let me tell you, it makes my time in front of the computer flow so much better. In fact, dual monitors provide several functionality benefits for working in terms of speed and efficiency. 

But, your dual screen setup might be hurting your body. 

When I’m assessing new clients, I often notice that their posture alignment is off. Their body may rotate to one side more than the other and that is a sure fire recipe for pain. 

Rotation in the body means that the muscles are pulled into a position of asymmetry. 

One common cause for this misalignment can be found right there on your desk…those dual monitors. If you’re like me, your monitor is set up directly in front of you, and the laptop is a little off to the side. As you turn to look at that second screen, your whole body rotates that direction, but only that one direction. This asymmetry is going to strain your back and neck and make them hurt

Which brings us to my quick tip for you today:  

You need to physically SWITCH UP the position of the monitors at your workstation. 

That’s right, every couple of weeks change the side your secondary monitor is on and give your body some time turning the other direction. If it’s been off to the left, all you have to do is move it to the right. It’s really that simple and it’s insanely effective. 

Bring a little extra symmetry to your body as easily as that and use those back and neck muscles more evenly. Straightforward, right? (pun, intended)

I give tips like these a numerous other practical information in my Virtual Posture Workshop designed for corporate teams. This is a great workshop to bring to your team, especially if everyone is working virtually from home. 

I hope this simple tip helps ease some of the desk pain you may be experiencing from the repetitive asymmetrical movement at your workstation. Please comment below and let me know how it feels to switch up your workstation.



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If you’re like me, your monitor is set up directly in front of you, and the laptop is a little off to the side.

I am chronically disabled for the rest of my life because of a dual monitor and working fast. People don’t believe me when I tell them my story. But think about it, if you twist Barbies head long enough, it will pop off. I have arthritis in my neck, bone spurs sticking out, radiculopathy which means the nerves traveling down my arms cause me pain and I am diagnosed with fibromyalgia which is just lifelong pain and fatigue. Please educate people and corporations. Not enough is being done.

I’m sorry you have had this experience. Ergonomics is so important. I hope you heal fast! Thanks for your comment.

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