Posture, Pain and the Pelvis

These visual results are pretty stunning, don’t you think? Don’t just look at the upper back posture, also be sure to check out his pelvis.

This client was introduced to me at Sarton Physical Therapy, a premier pelvic floor physical therapy clinic that offers Posture Alignment Therapy services 2 days a week.

What is “pelvic floor physical therapy?” It’s a very specialized kind of therapy that focuses on dysfunctions of the pelvis. More on this here.

Working with clients at this physical therapy clinic requires me to think outside the box. When dealing with pelvic pain clients, there are many exercises that would normally we within the recommended postural alignment protocol, but that don’t work for someone in acute pelvic pain.

Instead I have to work around the potential pelvic pain problem and address the posture by using the concepts of the kinetic chain. We often have to choose exercises that move the body in a gentle way, instead of attacking it with challenging exercises that activate the whole body.

We eventually get there, but it takes commitment on the client’s part, and patience on everyone’s part.

Read more about Ryan’s experience here. He’s an incredibly committed client and his journey is remarkable.

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