VerticAlign Results- Meet Kelly!

It’s time for some VerticAlign results.  Meet Kelly:

Kelly is a successful business owner but with her thriving business, she works long hours at her desk. She had intense neck pain that would often debilitate her, interrupt her sleep and slow her down in staying active. She tried massage and chiropractic care, but would get only limited short term results. 

I noticed in her assessment that her pelvis tilts forward excessively and that she needed to change her pelvic position in order to see results in the rest of her posture.

Kelly completed 16 weeks of the VerticAlign Custom Therapy Program, and not only did her pain decrease considerably, she learned a lot about her body and was able to progress her workouts and see some incredible visual results as well.

She continues to do posture therapy, as she knows that posture is ever changing, and we work to adjust her menu to her changing lifestyle and work demands.

She didn’t lose much on the scale, but her improved posture made her look more tone and lean.

Kelly was one of the most committed VerticAlign’s clients. She did her routine every day. She would also ask in depth questions during her video sessions to make sure she was completing her exercises effectively. She takes advantage of the email support by letting us know when certain exercises may not be working.

We are so impressed with her results!

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