Don’t BEND That Way!

 You probably don’t even think about how you bend over your desk is messing up your back!

Often issues like back pain come from repetitive, incorrect, movement patterns.  So when you continue to bend and move a certain way, you create dysfunction in the spine, and eventually your body may start to get angry.

Specifically, most people bend over with a “round back” instead of a “neutral spine”. This involves learning how to bend from the hip joint versus bending from the lower back. This is one of the most important concepts to learn when it comes to movement. Physical Therapists, Corrective Exercise Specialists and Posture Therapists alike all work to teach this movement effectively. 

This rule applies for clients who have both sitting and standing desks. Either way, how you bend over and move will strongly impact how you feel throughout your day. 

It’s a simple to learn how to move better at your desk. In fact, this short Facebook Live video will tell you exactly what to do, and what NOT to do.

I watch a lot of videos, and the maximum length I have patience to watch is usually 10 minutes.  This one is less than 5!  It’s my mission  to create content you will actually take time to watch and implement.  Short and to the point. Watch it now!

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