5 Tips to Eliminate Pain from Poor Posture

OMG, the title of this blog is SOOOOOOO BORING. Honestly, if you skip over this blog post I’ll completely understand. I do hope you keep reading… because these tips are great!

I work hard at sending out interesting, attention grabbing content to my blog followers. I study the art of headlines and interesting copy, and I follow a ton of bloggers to learn what’s hot and interesting to the general population.

My favorite thing to do is to come up with a headline. There are headline analyzers you can use, and SEO wordpress plugins that will greenlight when you find the perfect attention grabbing heading. I’m telling you… it could easily be a full time job!

Today, I failed. How many “5 Tips to a Healthy Back” or “7 Ways to Have More Energy at Work” posts have you seen? I’m sure you’ve seen plenty! I should have at least spiced it up and named it “How NOT to Throw Out Your Back When You Bend Over to Pick up the Laundry Basket”. Wait… that’s not a bad one at all. Maybe I should write that blog post!

Well, despite this being the most boring headline in the world, I hope you are still reading this blog post. Even with the bland title, you should learn something new from your favorite posture coach. When it comes to pain free posture tip sharing… I will NOT fail!

Here is an article I wrote, 5 Tips to Eliminate Pain from Poor Posture, published on an amazing site called Wellness Universe. The content is worth reading, so I hope you will take a moment and give it a quick skim.

After reading the article, I challenge you to comment, and please, RENAME this article to something more eye-catching, interesting, and fun. I can’t wait to read your responses!

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