The Exercise That Is “Letter Perfect”

I know it’s a busy week! The summer weather has you wanting to escape your office early and hang out in the sun. So I’m giving you an extra special treat today that is “letter perfect”.  

This is a simple 30 second exercise you can do anywhere, anytime. It’s called “letter perfect” because the arms move into different letter positions in the body. We will hit a “T” a “W” and “L”. I wish we could actually spell a proper word!

Check it out:

This one wakes up your back and shoulders. It takes less than a minute to do it 10 times. Doing this simple exercise can bring your head back into proper alignment and activate the important scapular muscles.

We offer exercises like this that can be easily done at your work station with our Desk Slouch Solution program. You can learn 60 exercises in 3 weeks! Daily movement at our work station is SO IMPORTANT. Immobility is the cause of a lot of pain in our bodies. We were not meant to sit for hours on end, so exercises like the “letter perfect” can offer a simple way to combat desk immobility.

Comment below and let me know how it feels for your back and neck! It should be a quick muscle activator and give you some immediate release from any tension you might be experiencing. Does it help you?

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