EFT: Secret Weapon to Reducing Pain

Has anyone ever told you that your pain is a result of  your stress or emotions? Maybe your logical mind decided to ignore their comment, because, well, you decided that this “emotions cause pain” stuff is all a load of crap. If I can be super honest with you, I’ve been told this before, and I didn’t believe it at all.

Well, I didn’t think it was crap, I just thought to myself: “there is NO WAY this pain is just in my head.”

Because, that’s what that means, right? If your emotions impact your pain, then it must mean there is something wrong with the way you think, and as a result feel. It means that there is no knee issue, or back spasm, or cervical spine issue like your doctor says there is. Some might think that people who think their emotions rule their pain must be “alternative” or “quacky”.  

But let’s think about it logically. When you are nervous, sometimes you get a topsy turvy stomach, right? Ever been caught in a lie?  Ever find yourself sweating much when you were? Or how about that time your uncle was admitted to the hospital for what you thought was a heart attack, but luckily ended up being an anxiety attack. Phew!

Let’s face it. There is absolutely a link between your emotions and how you feel. I deal with pain with my clients on a regular basis. I spend a lot of time looking into solutions to help my clients on every level. Today I bring one of my secret weapons to you.

Emotional Freedom Technique (AKA EFT or sometimes called “Tapping”) is a powerful tool that helps you deal with emotions that are exacerbating your pain. In fact you can use EFT for a variety of self help issues (financial freedom, food self-control). Today we are only focused on how you can use EFT to help minimize pain.

So what exactly is EFT?  Watch this interview with my guru Kim Cook (www.TheBodysEnergy,com) where she explains the technique, how it works, and even takes me through a 3 minute EFT sequence.

Let me break down the interview for you so you know what to listen for:

1:27: Kim explains how EFT works from a scientific perspective.

2:33 She highlights some research on acupressure from Harvard Medical School and links it to the benefits of EFT.

3:55 Kim shares a personal story about a client who reduced his post-surgery pain by 50% in under 15 minutes.

9:47 Even heard of “chasing the pain”? Kim explains what this is and how it works.

10:13 We review the meridian tapping points and explain exactly how to hit them.

13:26 Kim and I use EFT to reduce our pain!

After you complete watching this video you will want to start tapping yourself. I’ve put together an “EFT” tapping script cheat sheet that you can download. This cheat sheet tells you exactly what to say when you are tapping on certain meridian points in your body.

I’ve used EFT for a few years now, and let me tell you, it works. It has helped me reduce pain, calm anxiety, and helped me make stressful and important business decisions. I use EFT in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep. It’s even helped my 9 year old daughter to feel more confident sleeping on her own. I only share the information with you that I think is ultra valuable. This technique is as powerful as they come.

Sure, you might feel odd giving it a try. But feeling weird and trying something “alternative” is far better than living in pain.

Don’t you think?

Comment below and let me know if you’ve ever tried EFT.  I’m always surprised to hear that more people have heard and tried EFT than I think.

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