The Magic of Postural Modification (and How It Can Cure Your Back Pain Better Than a Doctor)

You bounce out of bed in the morning energized and ready for the day.  You meet your friends for an early morning basketball game, down that green smoothie cure, and then head off to your office to work at your dynamic workstation and power through your “to do” list.

If this isn’t your morning, don’t be alarmed.  You’re not alone.  Many people roll out of bed feeling stiff.  They feel tired from a day of sitting, and can barely make breakfast, let alone make something healthy.

Luckily, I have the magic solution for you.  Yesterday I discussed the power of postural modification and how it’s the number one reported treatment for lower back pain.

Zack Arnold is a respected blogger and founder of Fitness in Post.  Much like me, is on a mission to help people with the issues associated with  sitting all day long.  He invited me to contribute to his blog.  We also recorded a podcast and had an amazing dialogue about how proper posture can revolutionize your body. Zack asked me about my favorite chair, we discussed the benefits of posture braces, and I shared a unique exercise you can do while driving.

There are some great nuggets in this post about where your elbows should be while you are sitting, and how to make sure your pelvis is in the correct position.

It’s worth a read and a visit to his site.  Together, Zack and Zeena hope to give the world the cure of pain free posture, powerful purpose and plentiful productivity!

I would like to hear, do you have a favorite chair you like to sit in?  Please comment below!

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