Posture and Judgement: Check Out This Article on Arianna Huffington’s New Website

Last week, someone commented on one of my posts in a negative light and it immediately made my palms sweat.  My heart started to race and I started to spiral into a head space of “wow I suck” and “who in the world do I think I am?”.

To be honest,  I was overtired and overworked, and just needed a day away from my laptop.  However, it made me realize how influenced I am about how I’m perceived.  For a blogger and online posture coach, this fear  of judgement can be devastating. Thank goodness I’m not a Kardashian!

In this online world of constant “opinions” that can be screamed at you  from atop the rooftops from Moscow to India, it’s important to consider how you are perceived in whatever media you publish.  Even in the read world of eye contact and handshakes, a first impression is made in the initial glance of how you carry yourself.  Self awareness is crucial.

I wrote a piece about this very issue for Arianna Huffington’s new website.  In a world of constant technology, stress and disease, Arianna left her position at Huffington Post to pursue a new dream of helping people with their health, stress, sleep and posture.  She invited me to be a contributor. My first piece tackles this issue: how your posture affects how you’re judged.

I talk a lot about the pain associated with poor posture.  Neck soreness, back pain, hip tightness, and even knee pain can all be linked to your alignment and movement patterns.  But what about the pain of not getting the job you wanted, or being ignored by the date you were chasing after, just because your posture relayed the wrong message as your first impression?

Dr Albert Mehrabian, a Professor Emeritus of Psychology at UCLA, conducted research that shows that 55% of all communication is non-verbal (body language, posture).

So, how does your posture affect how you are judged?  Check out my first article on Thrive Global.  Yes, I compared one of the posture types to a “bad dog”.  Could this be you?

My new posture program The Slouch Solution,  can solve the “problem of postural perception” (say that 10 times fast!), as well as  provide you with the daily dose of exercise and breathing to elevate your mood and increase your productivity.

I am only accepting a handful more beta testers for this new course (at half the normal price), so sign ups will be ending this coming Friday, February 3rd at midnight.  

Once you sign up you can start immediately.  Because, as I always say… the longer you wait, the longer it takes.

Enjoy the read on Thrive Global and hope to see you in the course soon.

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