7 Days to Better Posture- Day 7- Deadlift with Raised Arms

Once a day, for 7 days, I will be posting my favorite posture exercise/stretches.  I hope you play along!


Day 7: This is the most complicated of movements I’ve suggested all week, but it targets a whole lot of amazing muscles. Primarily it strengthens the hip extensors and back extensors which are super important to strong posture. Listen to the audio for extensive cues:

1. Stand with the feet hip width distance apart.
2. Hinge from the hips as your shift your butt backwards and lean your torso forward. Make sure your pelvis remains in neutral and doesn’t round or tuck under you. Soften the knees to accomplish this.
3. Lift your arms up by your ears as you hinge over. Make sure the shoulders stay down and away from the ears.
4. Stand back up and repeat. Be sure to feel a stretch in your hamstrings and some work in your back muscles throughout this exercise

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