7 Days to Better Posture- Day 5- Basic Back Extension

Once a day, for 7 days, I will be posting my favorite posture exercise/stretches.  I hope you play along!

Day 5: Basic Back Extension. If you’re ever done Pilates you’ve probably done a variation of this exercise. In my opinion, it should be done daily. The movement doesn’t have to be huge, but the ability to extend from this part of the back is critical to a healthy spine. Listen to the audio for more cues:

1. Lie face down with the feet hip width distance apart and the hands by the sides. Engage the abdominals to support the spine.

2. Lift the head and chest ONLY. Do not look up, keep the eyes looking down. Be sure to be lifting from the mid back, not lower back.

3. Lower back down and repeat for 10 to 15 repetitions.

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