What’s Wrong with Zeena’s Posture?

It’s time for a little game. You’re going to want to play this game since there is a FANTASTIC prize! Today you get to analyze Zeena’s posture.

I took this picture a few months ago.  A few weeks had gone by where I had neglected to do my posture exercise routine (oh the horror!).  After neglecting my routine, I was experiencing pain in certain areas of my body. Does this sound familiar? It’s a common theme for most “desk workers” who spend hours in front of a screen and perhaps have not learned how to counter act this work with posture exercise. I fell victim to this myself. 

So I ask you, what do you see wrong in Zeena’s alignment?  Can you identify some areas that need improvement? Take a closer look at all the areas. Look at the hips, the shoulders, the hand position, the feet, and finally the “vertical load”.

Lastly, can you guess where I might have been experiencing pain?

Comment below with your thoughts.  The responder who comes closest to identifying the incorrect posture points. AND  correct pain points, will win a FREE COPY of my book… Sculpt and Shape: The Pilates Way. As a fellow posture geek, you will LOVE this book.  It provides hands on tools to help you  analyze your own posture, and prescribes Pilates exercises that will help (not hinder) your path to better alignment.

Analyze away!  I look forward to hearing what you think…

PLEASE NOTE this competition has already been completed and the prize has been distributed. HOWEVER if you want to play the game you’re still welcome to contact us!

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too much arch in lower back. pain in shoulders

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