How My Mom Saved My Glutes

When I was born, my mom was apparently worried I would grow up to have a flat bum. Perhaps this is a trait that runs in the family…

Apparently she would spend time “massaging my backside” (glutes) when she would change my diaper. TMI?  Perhaps.

Luckily I didn’t grow up with non existent glutes, and the posture specialist in me would like to give credit to my daily dose of squats and lunges.  However, I will give mom a little thank you shout out for activating those muscles for me, oh so long ago.

The glutes are the first muscle I look at when analyzing a clients posture and alignment.  Most of the time these people come to me for a reason; usually it’s pain related and sometimes these clients are so physically challenged, that my posture exercises are the only things they can handle without hurting themselves more.

So we start with building up the glutes.  These muscles give so much BANG for their buck. Strong glutes can reduce back pain, and can also reduce knee pain and hip pain.

So what exercises can you do to build up your glute muscles in the comfort of your home?  Luckily the National Posture Institute asked me the same question so I wrote an article on this topic.

You can check it out here.  There are 3 specific exercises that you can do that can instantaneously make your body feel stronger, and less achy.

Your bum can thank me later. But don’t count on my mom massaging your backside anytime soon…

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