Is Your Workout Making Your Posture Worse?

We head to the gym or studio for a workout in order to look better and feel better. However, are there times that your workout is making you feel worse?

I’m excited to report that this week’s posture tip post was published by the National Posture Institute! The NPI is a great organization that focuses on teaching instructors around the world the importance of good posture and certifying instructors in proper posture protocols (say that 10 times fast!).

The article I was asked to write by NPI (National Posture Institute) is about workout classes.  You join a class, you push yourself, you’re sore the next day, and you’re proud of yourself.  But has this whole experience made your posture WORSE rather than better?

Maybe your form is off… maybe you are doing the wrong exercises….

Are you in MORE pain after your workout than BEFORE your workout?

I share some tips on different kinds of workouts, and how they might affect your posture.  I also give some ideas on how to make sure that your PARTICULAR class is better than the rest. These are tips you will want to read because I always aim to make them practical.

I am SO excited to be published by an organization that is doing great work on the topic of posture. I hold a certification from NPI so I am aware of the amazing work they are dong.  I hope you feel my excitement and enjoy the article, fellow posture geeks!

Read it HERE.

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