The Perils of Post Pregnancy Posture

Attention all parents! This post is geared towards moms who have recently had babies. Have you considered the impact of your pregnancy and baby on your posture?

I had the pleasure of sharing some tips on how to exercise with your new baby, work on your posture, and shed some baby weight from your pregnancy, all the SAME time.

Posture deficiencies are very normal not only for the pregnant mom, but also for new moms who are breastfeeding. All of the post partem activities, combined with the technology driven lifestyle that we lead, lend itself to incorrect posture patterns during pregnancy!

The site Work. Kids. Wine. (awesome name!) featured this article, and I’m sharing with you just in case any moms out there want to stand taller, and look leaner, in less time than it takes to drive to your Pilates class. This site is an amazing resource for women who are looking for comradery in the perils of motherhood. Which we all know is HARD.

Check it out here.  There are even pictures of me with a baby strapped to my chest demonstrating exercises. I swear this is not my baby, I borrowed one for the photo shoot. That was fun… luckily he slept the whole time.



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