Have a Ball with the Glutes

Last time we talked, we discussed the glutes.  In addition to the glutes being extremely functional for everyday movement, working out your glutes makes your butt look better. Today we will discuss how to use a ball to help your glutes!

This week I have a short video demonstrating an exercise that I have loved for many years.  You can use a simple stability ball to perform it.

If you purchased a Gaiam ball chair as I recommended a few weeks ago, you can use this and even do this in the middle of your work day.  Naw… you won’t look weird AT ALL.

I love this exercise. It’s easy to perform and is really effective. You will feel it right away! Make sure you are listening to the cues in the video below and that you begin with at least 20 repetitions so you can feel the glute burn. Using a stability ball also helps to wake up the balance and stabilization muscles… so you get double the bonus!

My goal is to create content that is short and quick and gives you practical info you can integrate into your day. This one is 1:27 seconds.  You’re welcome. Enjoy!

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