Exercise While At My Desk? It’s Possible!

I bet you’ve been reading my blog and you’re thinking about how you need to get in some exercises and stretches today.  Wait no longer! Introducing 4 exercises to sneak into your desk bound day (without looking like you’ve gone completely crazy). 

For this information I send you over to a blog called Fitness 4 Back Pain by William Richards. I was a guest blogger for his very important and relevant blog.  We have so much in common and it’s always wonderful to collaborate with fellow fitness practitioners.Zeena Sitting Chest Stretch

Here is a sneak peak of an exercise you can easily do at your desk.  Hop on over to William’s blog to read more and check it out!

Post a picture to our facebook page of you doing this stretch (or any of the exercises in the article) and it would MAKE MY DAY. You’ll also feel the benefit of the stretch while you’re at it!

My desk posture coaching program teaches 60 exercises like this in 3 weeks! It provides a way to learn to build the “habit” of getting desk exercises into our day daily. This practice is so important because it can make a huge impact on your posture and your pain,

Check it out here after you hop over to read this article. 

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