Reclaim your office hours from pain

Your aching back has no business zapping your time and energy.
Get pain-free with posture alignment coaching and ergonomics for individuals and businesses.

Remember your work life before pain? When you didn’t spend your valuable time adjusting your office chair so you could get comfortable. When you could just focus on your job.
VerticAlign Posture and Ergonomics can help you get that life back.

You’re in the right place if:

  • Back, neck, or shoulder pain is basically your boss right now. and you’re just not going to get anything done until it quits.
  • You got a standing desk, wearable posture trainer, and bookmarked a collection of YouTube exercises you swear you’re going to do regularly. Soon. But the aches and pains are still there.
  • You manage a team and you’ve noticed that demanding schedules and less-than-ideal workspaces have taken a toll not just on your employees’ health, but also on morale and productivity.

Meet your Posture and Ergonomics Coach

I’m Zeena Dhalla, founder of VerticAlign Posture and Ergonomics. Before I started my career in pain free living, I was just like you. I spent hours at a desk job and developed numbing back pain. I know what it feels like to do less than you’re capable of because of pain.

Posture alignment therapy
Egoscue Method
Gentle and effective stretches

I specialize in posture alignment therapy using the Egoscue Method, which combines gentle and effective stretches to activate stiff and weak muscles and realign the spine naturally. No complicated equipment, no prescriptions, no surgery.

I also specialize in office ergonomics because you can’t have good posture, without good ergonomics.
Most importantly, I’m pain-free and it’s my mission for you to be, too.

How I can help you

Ease your pain, get healthy posture, and get my coaching with these services.

1-on-1 Posture Alignment Therapy

For individuals
  • Get a posture therapy plan designed just for you and 1-hour of private training and coaching.
  • Sessions are available virtually or at VerticAlign’s studio in Mission Ladera ranch CA.
  • Get unlimited text and email support after your

Project Posture: Delivered Daily

For individuals
  • Ease the pain and posture problems caused by long periods of sitting and standing with a email program that combines:
    • Simple and effective stretches and exercises you can do at your desk
    • An stress reducing ergo break
    • Support from posture coach Zeena Dhalla
  • Get pain-free and fix your posture in as little as 10 minutes a day.

How I can help your team

Build healthy posture and ergonomics for your virtual team

Virtual Posture Workshop

For businesses and groups
  • This 1-hour virtual workshop, Pain, Posture and Productivity, will teach your employees how to work in healthy posture to prevent pain and injury.
  • Includes 20 minutes of ergo break exercises to show how easy it is to include healthy movement into their workdays.
  • They’ll participate in a live posture assessment to reinforce what they’ve learned.

Virtual Ergonomics Workshop

For businesses and groups
  • Empowered Ergonomics is an ergonomics and posture exercise workshop designed for virtual teams.
  • Your team will learn:
    • How to work in good posture to prevent pain and injury
    • How to select ergonomic tools and furniture for their home offices
    • Work-from-home ergonomics hacks
  • They’ll also participate in a live sitting posture assessment to reinforce what they’ve learned.

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